New business opportunities for the Dairy industry are here

Based on SEVENx™ Technology, our next generation of milk creates new ways to sell the dairy industry’s product. With lots of alternatives from soy milk to smoothies crowding the beverages arena, liquid milk sales are declining up to 2% a year, and have a ten year drop of 30%. Now more than ever, new opportunities can make a difference. 

Here are some of the opportunities our super-concentrate milk makes possible.


Quick Service Restaurants (QSR's)

SEVENx™ Technology allows fresh milk beverages to be served from a beverage dispenser. No refrigeration is needed to prevent spoilage. There is less waste. And more than 300 eight fluid ounce servings can come from one 5-gallon super-concentrate bag. Flavor as desired.


Bulk Milk Shipment

SEVENx™ Technology allows for shipping and storing our super-concentrate milk in large quantities with fewer trucks. No refrigeration required to prevent spoilage. For a fraction of the current price, product can ship cross-country with huge sustainability benefits. Worldwide shipping shares the same benefits.

Global Business

The dried milk business has evolved into a $19 billion global industry. Today, most global dairy companies have divisions that focus on the development and delivery of milk ingredients.  Where the taste and freshness are a premium, SEVENx™ Technology offers a shelf stable, easy to use alternative that tastes like fresh milk, not powder! We satisfy a niche no one else does.