IEP PARtners wanted

SEVENx is looking to bring the next revolution to milk- a concentrate that can deliver the quality of fresh milk, the convenience of powder, and the versatility of a beverage base. To do this, SEVENx will need innovative partners to help develop this technology.

dispensing opportunities

Dispenser sales have been stalled, growing less than 4% last year. Dispenser companies need new markets and new products to stay relevant.

SEVENx concentrates can open the door into new markets for you. We’d love to show you how you can become SEVENx ready

processor opportunities

For most processors, milk supply is an ongoing problem. Fresh milk’s perishability limits its appeal as a high-value ingredient, while more shelf-stable options.

Coffeeshop opportunities

Milk is the largest ingredient in most coffee drinks, and often the largest headache for coffee shops. Fresh milk requires constant refrigeration, produces a lot of waste, and slows the production process in-shop.

SEVENx concentrates can deliver the same quality milk, while improving line efficiencies and logistics. We’d like to help you get your coffee shop SEVENx ready.