Milk is a great thing


So how could it be made even better? Here’s how.

With breakthrough innovation that makes milk more transportable. More widely available than ever before to people and food manufacturers everywhere. More sustainable. More stable and safe. And all while maintaining milk’s outstanding nutritional value and delicious, fresh taste. 

Our new, patented technology to super-concentrate fresh milk does it more effectively than any other. It’s called SEVENx™, and it was developed by the distinguished food scientist and innovative dairy expert Dr. Charles Sizer. We believe it will revolutionize and change how milk is consumed, transported, and enjoyed.

We are a new Dairy Technology Company based in Wisconsin. We have developed a unique processing technology that we believe will change the way we consume fresh milk, how we transport milk and how we use milk as an ingredient in food products. The dairy industry isn’t just my life’s work, it’s my passion!
— Dr. Charles Sizer, Founder and CEO