core technology

The patented SEVENx process offers a novel method for making a highly concentrated, commercially sterile milk product (4x-7x by volume reduction) that retains freshness and is lactose free. The product maintains premium quality up to 6 months when refrigerated, and is safe for use up to a year. Compared to other available products, SEVENx delivers the same taste as single-strength milk, but with logistical advantages similar to powders


the next generation of milk


By diverting spray dried milk streams from existing evaporation lines, the process can offset a significant portion of this low margin production-increasing top line revenue for processors, and improving margins for coffee shops. Cost reduction benefits include:

  • Lower processing energy,

  • Lower transportation costs on a single-strength basis

  • Lower packaging material costs on a single-strength basis

  • Lower shipping, handling, and storage costs on a single-strength basis