More Sustainability Is Here

Our SEVENx™ Technology has any number of environmental benefits.



Energy Efficiency

Our super-concentrate milk doesn’t need refrigeration to prevent bacterial spoilage. So there are big energy savings throughout the distribution chain, from production to distribution to consumption.


Transportation Efficiency

Our super-concentrate milk has a small footprint, so there is transportation efficiency throughout the distribution chain. 


Packaging Efficiency

SEVENx™ super-concentrate ships in 5 gallon to 20 tonnes bags. (Yes, it’s a really big bag that fills a shipping container!) An estimated 84% less packaging is needed considering each gallon of super-concentrate has about 90 servings of lactose free milk when the water is added back.


High Standards

We work with our processing partners to ensure a safe and sustainable milk supply from dairy farms with high standards of animal care. For more information on milk supply sustainability, visit the U.S. Dairy and Sustainability Commitment