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American Express

This payment method is currently not supported by online casino logins American Express

American Express, also known as Amex, was founded in 1850 and is a multinational financial services system based in the United States. American Express is part of one of the thirty components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. American Express offers a wide variety of financial services, but they are best known for their credit cards and their Amex, which collectively account for about every 24 cents per dollar of transactions within the United States. An Amex card can be managed for both personal and business use. It has all kinds of withdrawal limits and is one of the most highly regarded cards worldwide. The company is seen as a global value, which is why it has earned a place in both BusinessWeek and Interbrand as the 22nd most valuable brand in the world. The total value of the brand is estimated at $ 14.97 trillion. Fortune has rated the Amex as one of the 20 most valued companies in the world. Cards are offered in US dollars or euros to make it easier for the frequent traveler or holder of a foreign exchange account. Amex in available all over the world, in North- & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

At the moment no casino logins offer this payment method

How an American Express Online casino login works?

As with any other credit card, you must provide your American Express card details to the casino login from which you are withdrawing or depositing money. The system is safe, because all data is stored on very secure servers. However, as an extra security measure, the data on your card is not completely stored, so the user has to enter an extra data with every transaction, usually this is the three-digit pin code on the back of the card. This allows you to be sure that even when the data is stolen, the incomplete information makes accessing your account very difficult.

If you play at an Online American Express casino login, you must first create an account at the relevant casino login. Then select the American Express payment option from the payment menu and carefully enter the necessary information. Usually this is your card number and the expiration dates of your card which you can find on the front, followed by the four-digit CVV code on the back of your card. When all this has been accepted, enter the amount you want to deposit into your online account and possibly a bonus code. When you press send, the amount will have to be deposited into your casino login account almost immediately. For the high-rollers: Amex can be used to deposit much larger amounts than using other payment options so you don't have to use multiple cards to get the amount you want to deposit, you can complete it in a single transaction. 

The Rise of American Express

When you enter an online casino login with American Express, you can be sure that you are using one of the most reliable cards in the world with a history dating back to the 19e century. With 166 years of experience providing financial services to clients, you can rest assured that your casino login account is in experienced and safe hands. As mentioned, it is no coincidence that American Express is responsible for about a quarter of all card transactions in the US.

Customer service

In terms of service and assistance, the customer is still king at American Express. As an Amex user you can get individual support via the telephone hotlines, via email or maybe even via the extensive FAQ page on their website. Their support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in various languages ​​around the world. But in the first instance it is important to contact the financial intermediary through whom you received the card, because they issued your card.

Subscription benefits

American Express uses a rewards point system, where they offer great prizes based on those points only, but also based on points & cash. Examples of such awards include Apple products and other electronics, fashion items and accessories, wine and food, experiences, sports and travel gear, and Mont Blanc executive office items. The extensive choices and rewards ensure that there is something for everyone. Their rewards are classified by country so you can be sure that whatever you choose can actually be used in your country. If you can get hold of an American Express card, the rewards are attractive enough to take it over other options. Plus, your reward points don't expire, so you can wait for the perfect time to use your points to buy something nice without being forced to choose something you don't really want. Although American Express online casino logins are sometimes a bit harder to find, the benefits you get with Amex's points system top the limited number of casino logins you can play at.

The Benefits of Using American Express Online casino logins

You may add an extra card to both the member reward system and the American Express Select system, for someone you trust to handle your card. This way you can take advantage of the extra points they earn when they place the card. Very useful if you share the costs or share the rewards! If you have a bankroll on a budget and want to make big deposits when you play, the American Express Online casino login is your best option.

The Cons of Using American Express Online casino logins

Although the American Express card is one of the most used cards in the world, unfortunately for American Express cardholders there are not very many casino logins that accept this payment option for deposits into your casino login account. This is because of the very strict payment rules that apply in the US when it comes to transactions around gambling. If you as an American Express cardholder still want to use this card specifically, you can find a number of casino logins that allow you to make payments with this, although you do limit your options. There are certainly some good online casino logins that have decided to keep American Express payment options as payment options despite the rules. This way you can still play your favorite games and get great promotions and offers, only from fewer casino logins than usual. The transaction costs for using an American Express card at an online casino login are often higher than normal.

Transaction time

Just like with other credit cards, deposits to your casino login account are processed immediately, this means that you can play your favorite games immediately and do not have to wait for that good promotion action. Withdrawals take approximately three to five business days, depending on which country you are playing from. This is slightly slower than with other cards but still faster than other payment services such as bank transactions.

Play safe at the best American Express online casino logins

Amex cards are the most reliable cards in the banking industry. Although the number of casino logins where you can play with this card is limited, we have investigated which casino logins are best for gambling online and compiled this into a list where you can use Amex. Especially for the high-rollers among us, it is worth playing at American Express online casino logins because of the high deposits that American Express allows, unmatched by the other cards. So don't wait any longer and take a look at one of the casino logins from our list! Lots of fun.