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The definitive guide to

Online Baccarat

Table of content
  • How To Play Baccarat Online
  • Step 1 - Baccarat - The aim of the game
  • Step 2 - Determine your bet type
  • Step 3 - Determine the size of your bet
  • Step 4 - The first round
  • Step 5 - First score

How To Play Baccarat Online

When you get a online casino login game want to play without going through detailed rules and strategy first, online baccarat is an excellent choice. After you have made a choice between the hand of the player and the hand of the bank and have placed your bet, all you have to do is wait for the outcome.

Step by step we take you through the basics of Baccarat, so that you can start well prepared for this great game. Below we already have the best online casino logins ready for you. So that you can immediately get started to win big with Baccarat!

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Step 1 - Baccarat - The aim of the game

In punto banco, the most popular variation of baccarat, the object of the game is to score or get as close as possible to a total of nine points. All number cards have their normal value except the ten. The ten, jack, queen and king are worth zero points and the ace is one point. When the total comes to ten or higher, ten is subtracted from the total to get below the maximum value of nine. As an example, there is a hand with a 3 and ace, so your total is now 4 points. When a 9 is drawn as an extra card, you end up with a total of 3 (4 + 9 = 13, 13 - 10 = 3).

The Set-up

As discussed in the history of baccarat, there are many different variations of the game in the online casino logins. For this step by step guide we will discuss the most popular variant, punto banco. The baccarat table at most online casino logins has three main bets: player (punto), bank (banco) and tie. The player and banco bet simply refers to one of the two sets of cards drawn later, the tie-bet predicts that there will be a tie in the total number of points. In addition, some online casino logins also have the bet for a "pair" for both bank and player. This simply means that you bet that one of the sets of cards has the same value twice (for example two aces).

Step 2 - Determine your bet type

The two most important bets in baccarat are the bank and the player bets. As a player you are free to bet on both hands and they are also almost the same in terms of winnings. With a bet on player your bet doubles, with banker the bet also doubles, but 5% of the profit is withheld by the “bank”. Now it seems easy to say that a bet on player is always cheaper. 

However, the rules of baccarat are made in such a way that at the end of all possible options, the bank bet has a slightly greater advantage. It doesn't make much difference, but it is enough to make up for the 5% deduction. There are also tie and pair bets, but the odds here are so low that you should avoid those bets.

Step 3 - Determine the size of your bet

After choosing whether to go for the bank or the player bet, the next essential point is to choose the correct size of your bet. Later in this article we will tell you a little more about the (im) possibility of strategy in baccarat. There you will also find a link to different strategies to apply. One thing you should always keep an eye on is the minimum and maximum bet of the table you are playing at. This way you never get to a point where you cannot use enough money to make a profit. The steps in this guide come by every round, so make this a regular point to see how you are doing.

Step 4 - The first round

The first round is hugely important for baccarat because this round can potentially end the game immediately. During the first round, four cards are drawn, two for each player. First, all four cards are placed face down on the table. After this, the player's cards are turned over first and the banker's cards after that. In this way it is easy to understand who is in the lead or who is winning immediately. In addition, there is also the bit of tension that you first get to see the player hand, so you can sometimes quickly get an idea whether your bet is good and whether you should hope for good extra cards..

Step 5 - First score

After the two cards have been turned over, the score is calculated. Based on the score of the cards, one or two more cards will be drawn before the result is known. When compiling this score, the bank hand has its advantage because with lower scores it gets an extra card more quickly and does not receive an extra card with high scores. Of course if one of the two hands has scored an eight or a nine or there is a tie, the round is already over here. If this is the case, you can just go back to step one and get another round of betting.

Step 6 - Additional cards

The extra card is very simple for a player; it is only given when the total score is 0-5. The bank has more extensive rules when a card must be drawn:

  • With a total of 2 or less, the bank gets an extra card regardless of what the player had.

  • With a total of 3, the bank gets a third card unless the player's third card was an 8.

  • With a total of 4, the bank gets a third card if the player's total was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

  • With a total of 5, the bank receives a third card if the player's total was 4, 5, 6, or 7.

  • With a total of 6, the bank gets a third card as the player's total of 6 or 7.

  • With a total of 7, the bank does not receive a third card.

Step 7 - Profit and more

Step 7 - Profit

This is the most amazing or the most painful step! After the third cards have been dealt, the total score remains and the hand that scores nine or higher than the others wins. Either way, the profit is raked in here. Most online casino logins also show what the last few results have been from the past rounds. Some players get their strategy out of this, but it is important to remember that a baccarat game is always unpredictable. You can get huge streaks from some sort of winner, these are less common but still happen so be wise with your bets.


Baccarat is a very simple game and that makes it such a great winning game as one of the favorite online casino login games. Baccarat itself is actually not a strategy for it, because the rounds are simple and you can only bet once per round. If you still want to use some of a strategy for online baccarat, it is best to look at one money management strategy. There are so many options available here, but the most important thing is to choose a risk style that suits you. Some styles are extremely careful with their use, while others are extremely aggressive and take a lot of risk. For a detailed explanation of different types of betting progressions and money management, we refer you to this article.

Final advice

Once you've gone through this guide and taken a look at the different betting strategies you can adopt, it's time to get started with baccarat at your favorite online casino login. If you are not yet sure which online casino login suits you best or which casino login is best for playing baccarat, check our reviews here. Finally, don't forget to use your money wisely, take your winnings and bet on “bank”, have fun!

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