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9 casino logins where you can use this payment method Bankwire

An electronic Bank Wire (also known as a credit transfer) is a way of transferring cash from the sender to the recipient - or from a player to a casino login and vice versa. Bank Wires can be made by your local bank or a specialized money office and online casino logins provide customers with the simplest methods of transferring money.

Online casino login Bank Transaction Payment

In essence, this is what makes these transfers so popular and appealing to gamblers all over the world. On the other hand, it is important for gamblers to realize that while bank transfers are one of the safest and easiest ways to make money transfers, there may be additional charges from the bank. Of course these costs will vary with the bank you choose and so it is always important to read all the terms and conditions before taking any action. Interested in Bank Wire online casino logins? Read our full review about the payment method itself and decide if this payment option is for you!

How money transfers work

Whoever wants to execute a Bank Wire must follow exactly the steps set out by the bank or money office in question. Normally, banks have different protocols for executing such transactions. However, these processes are very simple. Normally, gamblers do not have to do more than provide their bank or money office with the information about the online casino login and the amount they wish to transfer to their online casino login account. The player's bank may ask for a special code to allow this transaction to proceed, but this is more the exception than the rule. It is abundantly clear that players are required to provide their bank details to an online casino login if they wish to withdraw via a Bank Wire. The best way is to ask your bank to send your money along with details such as your account name and number, bank address, swift code and IBAN number.

Duration of deposits for withdrawals through Bank Wire online casino logins

When you compare a bank transfer with other transfer methods popular at online casino logins, the transfer time can be an issue, both logistically and practically. Transactions via bank transfer can take longer, but how long is ultimately in the hands of the bank and casino login of your choice. The reality is that no matter how reliable and good your bank is, you have to take into account a transfer time of three to seven working days. Having said this, it is important to remember that money transfers are almost always faster than traditional bank-to-bank transfers because of the way banks communicate with each other when using a wire transfer. Bureaucracy is one of the big reasons that money cannot be sent to your account any faster.


Getting customer service is certainly not a problem when it comes to Bank Wires. Ultimately, you will need to address a designated person at your local bank, as the payment method is routed through your own bank. The same can be said about money transfers through a money office: if you need help, just ask!

Benefits of Using Bank Wire Online casino logins

There are three advantages when it comes to using Bank Wires as a payment method. There is security, accessibility and volume. Bank Wires are extremely secure due to the fact that no third party is involved: transactions take place between the casino login and your bank of choice. In addition, those banks use the best security and encryption technologies. Due to its popularity, accessibility needs little explanation as all major casino logins use this payment method, Bank Wires are used all over the world. Third, Bank Wires are used as a method that suits high-rollers well as players depositing large sums of money avoid other types of transfers as there may be additional costs involved. Ultimately, the underlying beauty of Bank Wire online casino logins is the fact that money transfers are done exclusively between two bank accounts, ensuring the privacy of the sender and receiver. Due to the fact that SWIFT codes are being issued so that both parties can receive payments, even more security and privacy has been added to this method of transferring money.

Disadvantages of Using Bank Wire Online casino logins

There are two drawbacks to sending money through Bank Wire. First of all, Bank Wires are relatively expensive compared to direct transfers between debit cards and secondly, Bank Wires are executed in real life and cannot be executed in fixed installments so that can be annoying for companies making recurring payments. In addition, it can happen that technical problems arise (but that applies to any online money transfer service). Another thing that people sometimes want to complain about, but which is less urgent, is the physical waiting time that presents itself when a Bank Wire transfer is made. Apart from the fact that one must absolutely leave the house to make a transfer, which may mean that you have a certain travel time to get to your bank, you also have to calculate the waiting time for a row at the location as part of the Bank Wire and so it is quite normal to have to wait longer than half an hour to make your own payment.

The best online casino logins that accept Bank Wire

Apart from other payment methods, Bank Wire is accepted by a large majority of online casino logins, which means that the gambling enthusiast who prefers Bank Wire can easily choose between all the Bank Wire Online casino logins when it comes to choosing the best possible online casino logins. In our never-ending quest to give our players the best of the best, our dedicated team at Safe casino login has put experienced casino login experts to work who have done all the dirty work for you so you don't have to do anything and just choose from our list. So be sure to check out all the sites in our "Recommended Bank Wire Online casino login" list above and let us know which online casino login you like best! We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Bank Wire is the best!

Unless transfer times are a major issue for you, we recommend that you consider trying a Bank Wire Online casino login as your payment method. Aside from the fact that Bank Wire Online casino logins are as secure as it gets, one cannot ignore the fact that there are a large number of online casino logins offering Bank Wire as a payment method due to its popularity around the world. Further (and perhaps most importantly) is the fact that for high-rollers, Bank Wire Online casino logins are ideally suited, due to the ability to transfer large sums of money and the relatively low costs associated with using Bank Wire. So give Bank Wire a try - it's safe, accessible and popular!