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This payment method is not currently supported by online casino logins Check

A check is a written payment order using printed security. This payment method is often used as a means of payment when making a large expenditure, such as buying a house, boat or car. While the check is still a common means of payment in the United States, it is hardly used in the Netherlands.

At the moment no casino logins offer this payment method

Logical, because checks are not the fastest and simplest payment method to make payments. Not even to and from an online casino login. It can take an enormous amount of time to process a check. It is not possible to start playing immediately. And let's be honest, this payment method is not nearly as easy as one of the many other online payment options, such as the credit card.

When is it easy to pay by check??

Then when would a check come in handy? An example: suppose one Dutch Online casino login where you just played a nice amount together does not support your credit card service. Then it could very well be that your best and perhaps only option would be a check payout. With that scenario in mind, it doesn't hurt to provide some further text and explanation about this unpopular payment method.

Few online gamblers make use of the checks. Yet there is a select group that swears by nothing else. Although the possibilities of online payment have developed at lightning speed over the years, some of the players remain quite suspicious of the use of web wallets and credit cards, for example. How safe Online banking may be these days, some gamblers prefer to avoid the Internet when depositing or cashing out to themselves. If you are one of those players who ignore all online payment options, we are here to advise you and bring you up to date with all the ins and outs of paying with checks.

Check or bank draft: what's the difference?

check online casinoA regular check is yours personally and will be debited directly from your account. A bank check, on the other hand, is funded with money from the corresponding bank. Anyone who needs a bank check pays extra for it. Unlike traditional check, where money is taken directly from your account, when using a bank check, the required amount is paid by the bank. The money will be debited from your account at a later stage. Both payment methods take more or less the same time to process, between five and ten business days. An advantage of a bank check is that it is more often accepted and virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Deposits by checks

Don't rush out to get a checkbook and write a check. While most online casino logins offer checks as a payment method, know that most casino logins only offer this payment method as a deposit option. If you wish to make a deposit, you will be required to provide all the casino login details correctly on the check. If you want to make a withdrawal, choose the appropriate option on the cashier page. Then enter the amount you want and decide whether you will receive your shipment by regular mail or by courier. Checks sent by courier normally arrive at their destination a little faster. In addition, this method is a lot safer than regular mail. Despite this, the prices of courier shipping differ quite a bit depending on where you live. The most important thing to remember is that you always pay to receive your check. The costs are usually settled with your payment.

Disadvantages of checks

Apart from the aforementioned payment delays, checks must be delivered and processed. Checks also lack the encrypted technology that makes virtual payments so secure. Let's not forget that checks can be stolen and forged. Converting currencies (dollar - euro, for example) also takes quite some time. Due to the verification process used, checks can be quite expensive for both casino logins and banks. Finally, one should always keep in mind that when using checks for a payout at an online casino login, the amount can fluctuate quite a bit, up or down depending on the exchange rates. The amount you receive will be paid at the exchange rate at the time you made the withdrawal request.


Nowadays very little is done with check, in fact checks disappear from our minds. With the rise of online payments, we are inclined to do everything via online payment. Such as IDEAL, and others for example e-wallets. The advantage of this is that it is much safer and faster. If you want to play directly at an online casino login, paying online is of course much easier. Then the money is directly in the account of the online casino login and you could immediately bet your chips at, for example Blackjack Online

In addition to that, it goes without saying that all casino logins offered on dairyv.com have been tested by our experts and have received approval. For the best online casino logins you will also find an icon at the beginning of the review indicating that we highly recommend that casino login. If you have problems with a casino login, please contact us quickly.

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