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Bingo Game Rules

Play Online Bingo

Bingo, a classic among the many gambling games and a game with a unique playing character. Who doesn't know bingo? You used to see the game regularly while zapping on TV, bingo is also known from the bingo halls and both young and old have enjoyed this simple but fun game for many years. Bingo online brings the excitement and fun into your home. But it may of course be that you have forgotten the bingo rules, or that you are worried that you might be using the wrong bingo rules. Therefore Safe casino login Here are the rules for you in a row. Read along?

Necessities Playing Bingo

If you want to play online bingo there are some small things you should do first. For example, you must first create an account at an online casino login that offers bingo. These sites can easily be found in the top list that we have compiled for you with the best online bingo sites and the best online bingo bonuses and offers. Take a look here so you don't miss out on money and play at a reliable casino login! After you have created your account and deposited money into your account (otherwise you cannot buy bingo cards) you can choose which type of bingo game you want to play. There are some variants, some bingo games are played with more balls than others.

Bingo game variants

Different bingo rules apply to different bingo games, although the general gameplay is almost always the same. Below we introduce you to the three different bingo games. 

90 ball bingo - This card has a whopping 27 squares with numbers ranging from 1-90 on them. The squares are divided into three rows and nine columns. 

80 ball bingo - This is the most popular form of bingo. In this bingo game you have 16 squares, on a square of 4x4 rows and columns. The numbers 1-80 are divided over these squares. 

30 ball bingo - This bingo variant is also known as "speed bingo", and provides an extra exciting and refreshing change from the other two bingo types. The card has a total of nine squares spread over a 3x3 pattern. The songs are announced at a rapid pace, so you have to keep your head close. This game is a must for anyone who likes that little bit of extra excitement and sensation.

Game play

After you have chosen your bingo variant, you can purchase the bingo cards. You can buy tickets from a few cents, but the higher the price of the cards, the higher your winnings will be. You can buy a few bingo cards, but you can also buy a package of, for example, ten cards directly. So there are plenty of options. With most online bingo games you can also play several cards at the same time, which boosts your chances of winning a bit. After you have bought your tickets you sometimes have to wait until enough people are registered online at your selected bingo game. Exactly how long you have to wait is clearly indicated on a counting down clock. Then the game can really begin! The bingo rules for a fun bingo evening are as follows:

   The game starts as soon as the first number is shown. Just like in the old days on TV, these numbers are also often depicted online on a ball. You have two options here: you can "scratch" the numbers yourself by clicking them, or you can have the computer automatically check all dropped numbers and scratch your card. This way you can choose the degree of involvement yourself. If you play with multiple cards, you have to be extra careful not to miss a number, of course!

   As you cross off the numbers, keep a close eye on whether you can already cross out a full row, a winning pattern, or even an entire card. You will receive a cash prize for this! More about recognizing these patterns will follow later in this article.

   When you have indeed been able to completely eliminate a row or pattern, the moment has arrived: BINGO! With online bingo this is automatically recognized and you immediately receive your prize money. In some rounds you will be able to cross out multiple rows or patterns and thus get multiple prizes. However, the highest price always falls on the fully filled card.

   When you play with several people and a bingo falls on two cards at the same time, the prize money will be divided between these two people.

Bingo rules when you win

As mentioned, there are several ways to win at a round of bingo. This way you can get a price for a fully filled row, or for a fully filled card. However, you also have different patterns on the bingo cards that can make you money when you have filled them up. An example of this is the "X" pattern. The nice thing about filling cartridges is that you sometimes manage to grab several cartridges within one round, so that you get a prize every time. This will ultimately save you a lot of money! Below we discuss some popular bingo patterns so you know what to keep an eye on.

The "T" pattern: this pattern is created when you have filled all numbers in the top row and all numbers in the middle row. Even if the T appears upside down on your card, this is worth a prize. In a single online bingo game, the 'crazy T' is also offered, here you can even win if the T is on its side (it doesn't even matter which side)!

The "U" pattern: You can claim this winning pattern if all the numbers from the bottom row and all numbers on the left and right most column are crossed out. There are also a few variations on this: such as the C pattern, the inverted C or the inverted U. Enough options to earn so!

Square: As you can guess, you win with this pattern if you have managed to cross off all the outer numbers of the bingo cards.

In addition to the above patterns, there are all kinds of other weird shapes you can win on if you check them all off. For example, you have the broken picture frame or the diamond pattern. These are more complicated card patterns that keep your game exciting and surprising. People who think online bingo rules are boring are wrong. These are people who are often misinformed and know the wrong bingo rules. Bingo is a lot more versatile than it seems at first glance!

Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find the three most frequently asked questions about online bingo.

   Which type of bingo makes the most money?

If you play bingo to win big prizes, you need to go to bingo games with progressive jackpots. In this form of bingo, a portion of each player's bet is put into the pot, and so this pot grows as more players participate. The winner of the bingo round will take home the progressive jackpot, you can bet it can run into the many tens of thousands of euros! Check out our top list for the best progressive bingo jackpots.

   Where can I find the biggest bingo bonuses?

Some online casino logins offer bonuses and promotions that allow you to play with extra or free money. This can boost your profit considerably. For the best and largest bonuses you can consult our top list, here you will find in a clear overview exactly the compensation and money bonus that the relevant online casino login has to offer. Make use of this!

   Which bingo is the easiest to make money with?

The fewer spaces you have, the easier it is to keep track of your card. Speed ​​bingo (3x3 grid) is very fast and a game is over in no time. You can only win with a full card. In terms of rules, this form is therefore the easiest. But if you have the boxes checked automatically by the software, the variants with larger grids can also become very easy to play! In addition, patterns and full houses are kept for you, so you hardly have to do anything yourself. 


Online bingo rules are more than just crossing off a card and shouting "bingo". There are different variants of bingo that greatly influence your gaming experience. For example, 90- and 80-ball bingo have all kinds of different patterns that make it possible to win when you know how to fill the weirdest patterns. Or how about speed bingo, where the numbers are announced at breakneck speed and you have to cross the small card with your full attention to not miss out on prize money. According to the bingo rules you can even play with multiple cards at the same time, which gives you an even better chance of winning, but also has to keep track of more patterns and cards! Bingo boring? We didn't think so. Take a look at our top list for the best online bingo sites and try it out today! Goodbye boredom, hello bingo!