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The definitive guide to

Online Bingo

Table of content
  • How To Play Bingo Online
  • Step 1 - The Purpose of Bingo
  • Step 2 - The course of the game
  • Step 3 - The bet
  • Step 4 - Draw numbers
  • Step 5 - Bingo!

How To Play Bingo Online

Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance in the Netherlands. Online bingo is also played more and more nowadays. In fact, it is one of the most popular online casino login games from this moment. Nice to just play at a free casino login, but it is also possible to play for prize money. It is now generally thought that bingo is a game where luck mainly determines whether you win or not. To a large extent, this is true, but there are strategies you can use to increase the odds of winning.

In this bingo guide you can read everything you need to know about (online) bingo. First, the purpose of the game and set-up will be outlined. After this, the course of the game is mapped, from getting your bingo card to your win (hopefully). It will also be shown whether further bets are possible, in addition to who is the first to receive a full card. Next, some useful strategies will be discussed, after which we will give you some final advice. This is how you become a true online bingo star.

Step 1 - The Purpose of Bingo

Bingo is played by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. It is a very accessible game where the rules speak for themselves, and each game can yield a different result. This makes every game exciting but at the same time fun and relaxing to play. There are two varieties of bingo: American and British (European). In British bingo, only the numbers count, for example, if a "5" is announced, you can check it off. In American bingo, the letters B-I-N-G-O are above the numbers and both the numbers and the letters must be correct. If "B5" is called and the number 5 is in your I column, you may not cross it off. We assume the British variant, which is the standard in the Netherlands.

Goal of the game

If you are fanatical during games, you will probably think: the aim of the game is to win. You are not reading this bingo guide for nothing: you want to increase your chances of winning at the best bingo casino login. The goal of the game depends on the conditions that have been set in advance. For example, it may be that the main goal of (online) bingo is to obtain a full card. To do this, all numbers on your card must be announced (or shown with a digital variant). But it is also possible that you have to complete a row, column, diagonal or some other pattern to win the game.


To play online bingo you will need access to an online casino login. At various free casino logins you can play for fun, but there are also online casino logins where you can compete for prize money. During the game someone will show the numbers. You must have a bingo card that you can buy. Announced numbers can be automatically checked, but it is also possible that you have to click on the numbers yourself. In addition to the aforementioned American and British variants, there are a number of others variants for which you can choose:

75 ball
80 ball
90 ball
30 ball
Mega Ball

In addition to the amount of balls, the cards also look slightly different in these variants (more or less numbers).

Step 2 - The course of the game

Although the terms and conditions of different bingo games can vary considerably, the game will generally proceed in the same way. The following steps are fixed:

  • The stake is determined and cards are bought.

  • The game is being played. Figures are drawn and you must submit them  crosses on your card (s).

  • A winner is determined. This is the first person to reach bingo and let you know.

Below is a closer look at the different phases of online bingo.

Step 3 - The bet

Let's assume for a moment that you have already registered yourself at an online casino login and deposited money to get started. If you haven't done this yet, that's the next step for you to do. If you have done this, you can continue with this step. Before the bet can be placed, the game is set up. There are online bingo casino logins that are straight forward. You bet, you start the game and one of the participants wins. There is little or no interaction. However, there are also a lot social casino logins where there is a chat function available. This way you can also interact with other participants, which makes the game a lot more fun. After all, the social aspect is one of the reasons why bingo is so much fun to do. This is also possible online.

With online bingo there is a bet as you have with casino login games such as Blackjack or Poker. You can place a bet for every card you are going to play bingo with. At various online casino logins there is both a minimum and a maximum amount that you can bet. Depending on the preconditions set before the game, you bet on a full card or a certain figure or pattern (row, column, diagonal or another specific pattern). You also have to pay money for the card or cards that you purchase. Whether this money counts as a stake differs per online casino login.

Step 4 - Draw numbers

After the bet has been placed and the conditions for the online bingo game have been determined, the game can start. Note: you can choose to play with one bingo card, but it is also possible to play with multiple bingo cards. This makes keeping the numbers a bit more complicated, unless they are automatically canceled for you. Or this the best strategy to win, will have to prove during the game.

A number is drawn during each turn. There are online casino logins where someone shows the numbers on a video, but it is often the norm that numbers are automatically generated and then displayed. The best bingo casino logins ensure that this is done fairly. Each number has an equal probability of being drawn so that the bingo game is fair for every participant.

Step 5 - Bingo!

If you meet the predetermined condition (ie full card or specific pattern), you can shout "Bingo!". With online bingo you often have a button that you have to press when you have achieved bingo. Make sure you do this before the next ball has been drawn, otherwise you might miss out on the win. If you only need one more digit for the profit, that is the time to pay close attention. This sharpness is twice as required when you are dealing with several cards at the same time. Multiple cards increase the chance of winning, but they also increase the chance of mistakes. Moreover, it is often the case that incorrectly clicking Bingo ensures that you can no longer win anyway. You will probably also have to sing a song when you are in the chat with other participants.

Strategy and beyond

(Further) bets

You have already read that a winner can be determined in several ways. For example, you can play for a full card, but also for a specific pattern. It is quite possible that money can be made during the game by achieving one of these patterns, even if the higher goal is to score a full card, for example. Relatively standard patterns that you can make money with are rows, columns or a diagonal.

But there are also the less standard patterns that you can earn money from, provided this has been agreed in advance at the game. Sometimes these can be in the form of letters, for example: X, W, S, O or E. But there are also less traditional patterns that can give you some extra profit. For example, there is the Outside Corners pattern, where you have all the corners of the map first. Another example is the Small Diamond, where you get a plus in the middle of the card. Other well-known examples are Inside Corner, Postage Stamps, Vertical and Horizontal.


Online bingo is a game of chance, and you will need a dose of luck. However, luck is not the only factor that determines whether you win or not. Did you know that it is possible to increase your chances of winning at bingo? It has already been mentioned that multiple cards can lead to a higher chance of winning. There are hooks and eyes here (you have to keep a close eye on all the cards and you have to buy some more cards), but the higher chance of winning is nevertheless there..

Another recommendation is to read carefully in advance about the rules and conditions for which you play. This way you know what to look out for and you are more alert to potential bingos. After all, it would be a shame if you don't realize that you have to score a row of 5 to win. Another much-proven strategy is to minimize the number of competitors. The less people participate, the more likely you are to win the game. These are the best ways to increase your chances of winning. Despite these strategies, luck is still a big factor. You can never completely take this away.

Final advice

First, we recommend that you look for a reliable casino login. If you are looking for the best bingo casino login at the moment, you will find it here. In addition, read the conditions carefully, for example what is needed to win. One time you will have to score a full card, the other time a specific pattern. In addition money management always recommended. This does not only mean that you try to limit your losses, but you can also save money in other ways. Think of scoring cheap bingo cards or buying cards in large numbers to get a discount. If you keep all this in mind, your online bingo adventures will lead to great success.