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Blackjack Hands

Backjack: The hands that are most often misplaced 

Blackjack is a game whose rules are not particularly difficult. Everyone understands the idea that you have to stay closest to, but under 21 points and that you are playing against the dealer. However, there are certain moves that you can best play for each hand. These hands seem to have an ideal solution based on probability calculation, optimizing the chance of winning or minimizing loss. However, it is often the case that with certain hands one is not aware of these better options. They seem unlikely or contrary so they are often misplayed. Safe casino login therefore has in this article the five hands that are most often played incorrectly for you. Then from now on you know what to do when you encounter these hands, and your chances are improved.

What exactly are the hands?

Hand one: you yourself have a hard sixteen (so a total of sixteen without an ace as a card), while the dealer has no more than a ten. Most players then choose to be dealt another card (hit), but the correct choice in this scenario is the surrender option, or give up. With this option you get half of your bet back, the other half goes to the house. The expected profit on these hands is -54% when you hit, versus -50% when you give up. This is because you easier with a hard 16 will go over 21, and therefore bust (cannot go any further) than the dealer with his 10.

Hand two: You have a pair of eights, while the dealer has a ten. Your accumulated hand is therefore worth as many points as in the previous scenario, sixteen in total. As you have just learned, hit is therefore not the right option (which most people go for). However, because you have a pair this time, you do not have to give up, but you can choose the split option. When you split, you turn one hand with the same cards into two separate hands, which you can then continue to bet on independently (and of course you have to go for hit). The expected profit on this hand is again -54% on hit, versus -47% on split. A significant difference in your profit.

Hand three: you were once again dealt a pair, this time of nines. The dealer also has a nine, as a single card. When added together you have quite a nice score, 18 in total. Hit is therefore clearly the least convenient option. Most people will therefore choose stand (no more tickets extra), but this is not the optimal option. Here, too, split is the better move to lead. The difference in expected profit is not wrong: -18% with standing versus -8% with splits! This is a difficult hand because people often only look at the point difference between themselves and the dealer, but as you can see, the numbers don't lie. So look beyond the first option.

Hand four: you have a soft 18 (so a hand with an ace) against the dealer with a ten. In this scenario too, your point total is 18, and therefore not bad at all. So just like hand three, most people will choose stand here again. However, since your hand is soft, the best option is hit. From the probability calculations it emerges that the stand takes an expected profit of -18% compared to -14% with hit. This hand is often misplayed because the hit option is very counterintuitive, yet it is more profitable.

Hand five: the hand you were dealt is a hard 12, and the dealer only has three points. With this card from the dealer most people will think, "she's never going to get past twelve", and opt for the mode option. Amazingly, the right option is still hit here. The difference in expected profit is the smallest here, but hit is the better option in percentage terms, namely -23 to -25 percent. You wouldn't have thought that!

Let's talk about that expected profit, and the calculation method behind these insights. Expected profit is a concept that looks at a certain variable (here the hand you are going to play against the dealer's hand) and the value of this variable (your profit) as the process (the move that follows your hand, with all possible cards) would be repeated endlessly. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, depending on your cards and the dealer's. Nevertheless, an expected profit will eventually emerge based on your move. This profit can be calculated with blackjack calculators, which consider all variables in the process.

In the overview above, these have been calculated using a new eight-deck carton, and "normal" casino login rules. Now you know what to do next time these hands occur! Good luck in your next game, and stay Safe casino login keep an eye out for more articles with tips and strategies about blackjack. 

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