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Blackjack Strategy 2427

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack strategy determines profit or loss

Unlike the many games of chance that can be found in the casino login, online blackjack is a game whose outcome depends largely on skill. The expert gamblers at Safe casino login strongly recommend that you master the basic blackjack strategy before you start playing. If you're looking for beginner advice, be sure to read on.

Blackjack strategy is important

If you are new and not so familiar with blackjack, it is good to know that it takes some time to learn which hand is the best action. There are no fewer than 340 different types hands that you can get as a blackjack player and generally it is impossible to predict which ones you will have later! That is why it is important that you use a blackjack strategy.

In blackjack there are more than 100 types of hands that are themselves automatically play it out. For example, if you get a hand with a score of 13 and the dealer has a 5, then it is actually normal to go for the "hit" option. But not every hand has a clear outcome, and sometimes you end up in a position that requires a little more thinking. For example, suppose you had a pair of sixes and the dealer has a 4, what would you do? Would you split your pair, ask for an extra card (hit) or stick with your cards and choose "stand" with a 12? In such cases it is better to look for your answer in mathematics than in your own intuition. It is therefore better not to just make a decision, but to base that decision on mathematics and statistics. 

Lower the casino login advantage and use a Basic Blackjack Strategy

Unfortunately, there are many gamblers who prefer to play on their own instincts rather than adopt a blackjack strategy. These blackjack strategies have been extensively tested and have their efficiency already proven. But when it comes to playing blackjack, you should always keep in mind that one of the main goals is to lower the house edge. When you get this done, a big change will occur in your favor, so that you will eventually leave the table with a nice amount of money! When in doubt which strategy is best for you, rest assured and grab our strategy chart. These are listed below and can serve as a guide to the best actions to take when playing the casino login classic!

Blackjack Strategy Chart (4-8 decks) 

The basic blackjack strategy is developed through a computer simulation program integrating millions of different blackjack hands to make the best decision in a given situation. Safe casino login has designed a blackjack strategy card that you can use in games where 4 to 8 decks are used. In the map below, there are only a few points that you should pay attention to, and that is the total point number of your hand and the dealer's visible card. When you compare these two you can see from the graph what the best decision is. Although 340 different hands can be dealt, we have included just under 300 squares. Why? If you have a low score (total 7 or lower) then you take a new card anyway and we have not mentioned it in the table. Follow our table and lower the house edge, making the game of blackjack a lot easier. If you are still a blackjack rookie you can open this table in a separate screen or print it out so that you can use the strategy card immediately if you online blackjack plays.

Blackjack Strategy 4 important tips

If you don't know what to do during a game round for a moment, remember these tips to keep you in the game.

1. Give the dealer a chance to bust

If the dealer shows a 4, 5, or 6, don't hit unless you have a soft hand (that's a hand that can't bust with an extra card). With these cards, the dealer has a great chance of busting, which of course suits you best. In many situations, you want to split or double your hand to get more money as soon as the dealer is likely to bust.

2. Hold high, hard hands

As a rule of thumb, you should always go for stand if you have a hard 17 or higher as your chances of busting are too great. On the other hand, if the dealer has a face card or an ace straight away, your 17 suddenly doesn't look so good anymore. But taking extra cards with the chance to bust is an even worse decision. Give the dealer the chance to exceed 21 or take the same number of points as you. This blackjack strategy will certainly make you a lot of money.

3. Always split Aces and 8s, but never split tens and sixes.

Famous gambler Mike Caro once said "Aces are more vital than life and bigger than mountains," and when it comes to blackjack, he is certainly right. A single ace is a powerful card, but two aces is just a 12. So always split it to give yourself a shot at twice 21 points. On the other hand, you should never split a pair of tens. A 10 is a good basis for a hand, but a 20 is too high a number of points to risk splitting. However, two eights make 16 points, which in retrospect is the most worthless hand. But when you split these eights you could make it twice 18 more, which is a pretty strong hand.

4. Never take insurance

Every time the dealer shows an ace, you have the chance to take insurance. This means that you make an extra bet where the stake is half of the original stake. If the dealer does indeed have a blackjack, then you earn the bet 2: 1. That means that when the dealer wins you break even because you lose your original bet. You don't have to think too deeply about how this option works. Taking one insurance is always a bad decision because it only increases the advantage of the casino login.

Often misplaced hands in Blackjack

Even in the famed Atlantic City and Las Vegas brick-and-mortar casino logins, there are certain blackjack hands that are played wrong by new gamblers and veterans alike. Of course you do not want to follow the crowd like a herd animal in these decisions, and that is why we have made the table below. The cards that are often played wrong and what is the correct action in this situation. This is based on statistics. Take a good look at them and remember what to do!

(up: the value of your 2 cards in relation to 1 visible card of the dealer)


Right Decision

12 vs. 3 up


16 vs. 7 up


11 vs. 10 up


A / 3 vs. 3 up


A / 7 vs. 9 up


9.9 vs. 9 up


8.8 vs. 10 up


Blackjack vs. A up

No Even Money


Reduce blackjack strategy and the casino login advantage

Once you've mastered this, you're well on your way to reducing the casino login edge. The next step is to learn the odds (probabilities) that come with blackjack so that you can put them in your advantage can manipulate. When the basic blackjack strategy is used properly, you can reduce the blackjack odds in a game with multiple decks of cards to a 0.45 percent advantage for the casino login. In other words: for every 100 euros you bet, you can expect to lose 45 cents. This does not mean that you lose 45 cents every time you bet 100 euros (then it would not be called gambling), but that you are expected to lose this money in the long term. Failure to apply the correct blackjack strategy can result in a house edge of 5 percent or more. So you see how important this difference is!

Understand the House Edge and how to take advantage of it

When playing blackjack, it is important to always keep in mind that the casino login has an advantage. The average blackjack house edge is about 8 percent. Understanding how the house edge works and how you can influence it can help you win the game. The advantage for the casino login in blackjack arises because you as a player must always play your cards first. So when you bust you lose automatically, regardless of the fact that the casino login might also bust in the same round. Both you and the dealer have about a 28 percent chance of busting. However, by using the basic blackjack strategy you can at least lower the house edge a bit.

While the casino login has the advantage of requiring players to play first, the gambler also has certain advantages. These are the following:

  • While the dealer is never paid more than 1: 1, the player has a 3: 2 bonus payout in comparison.
  • As a player you can double your bet in certain situations (double down) if that works in your favor, while the dealer does not have this option.
  • If you receive a pair, you can choose to split while the dealer cannot.
  • If you receive a "16" you can choose the option "stand" instead of hit while the dealer must always hit up to 17.

Changes in rules affect the odds

The odds described above relate to "normal" blackjack - the most played variant found in both online and offline casino logins. However, if you prefer to play a different Blackjack variant online, remember that the blackjack rules that apply to that blackjack variant directly change the winning odds. For example, some casino logins have the rule that a dealer changes "stand" on a soft 17 to "hit" on a soft 17. This rule boosts the house edge to 0.66 percent. When you have the chance, you better avoid this variant. But the "surrender" variant of the table classic, giving up half of your bet and not playing your hand offers a nice advantage when it is used at the right time. Namely, it pushes the house edge down to 0.35 percent on the preferred soft 17 rules and 0.55 percent on the less fortunate lines. For more information about the odds, rules & strategies you go to our blackjack variations page.

Learn the Blackjack Strategy yourself with the help of our trainer

When you play blackjack via the optimal way, this will only improve your winnings. That is why we have a new one based on this vision Blackjack Trainer that guides you step by step through the blackjack hands and gives you real-time advice for the best decisions at each stage. You can use this tool to make us risk free free blackjack game.

Bonuses increase your chances

Stay tuned for the best blackjack casino login bonussen. With a bonus you normally first have to deposit some money before your bonus is released. But when the bonus is deposited, you can earn extra money on top of the normal game. This depends on the type of bonus you have received. With this extra money, you may be able to reverse the house edge and become a favorite against the house. For the best bonus offers, check out our top list of the best blackjack sites.

Know your limits

Finally, we would advise you not to change your playing style when you lose. Indeed, it can be very frustrating when you try to recoup your loss. But don't deviate from the optimal strategy or you will only increase the house edge. Sometimes you are better off accepting your losses than trying to neutralize them. If you want to enjoy blackjack then it is best to laugh at your bad luck! Blackjack money management is important!

Use a Blackjack Strategy when playing for Real Money

By applying a simple blackjack strategy, a disciplined mindset and a little practice, you will greatly increase your chances of winning. Are you interested in trying out this casino login classic? If you find that you feel like it, we suggest you take a look at our Blackjack Guide. Have fun and win big!

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