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Blackjack Terms

A Complete Directory of Blackjack Terms

If you prefer to play blackjack at online casino logins, make sure you know the rules, strategies and blackjack terms, as well as how to bet your money while playing blackjack. Read below what jargon is used when playing this one casino login classic! The terms are often in English, although some casino logins are more common Dutch using terms, we have chosen to translate the English terms sometimes but usually leave them original, so you know what is being shouted at the blackjack table.

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"21": This refers to the second-best hand you play in a blackjack which consists of three or more cards that together make a total of 21 points.



Anchor (Anchor): The seat to the right of the dealer is usually described as the "anchor". When playing blackjack you will see that this is usually the last seat to be seated as the cards are dealt from left to right.


Banker: The person responsible for the money and bets placed during a game of blackjack is the banker. The banker basically collects the profits and losses.

Bankroll: A bankroll is the budget that a player takes with him to bet at the casino login, or in this case with a game of blackjack.

Base Blackjack Strategy - The simpler strategy that players use during a round of blackjack.

Bet Limits - Normally every casino login has both a minimum and a maximum bet that you can place on the blackjack table. For example, an example of a minimum could be 1 or 5 euros, while a maximum bet usually varies from 10 to 50 euros.

Betting Ratio: A betting ratio is a system used by the casino login employees to spot people who counting cards and increase their bet if they have a good hand.

Bottom Dealing: This is a technique that can be used by the dealer to cheat. The dealer then suddenly deals one or two cards from the bottom of his deck instead of the top, as he doesn't want to deal the top cards.

Blackjack: A "natural blackjack" is the best hand a player can get during a game of blackjack. This hand almost always consists of an Ace and a 10 / King / Queen or Jack.

Burn Cards: When a dealer "burns" cards during blackjack, it means that he takes a number of cards from the deck.

Break / Bust: When someone busts, they have a hand with two or more cards whose total points are greater than 21.

Buy: This term is commonly used in the Blackjack variant "Pontoon", and refers to doubling the bettor's bet.


Camouflage: This term suggests that a player is trying to hide what he or she is doing from the casino login. Usually a gambler playing in a brick-and-mortar casino login then behaves drunk or tries to hide his / her strategy in other ways, confusing the dealer and other people at the table.

Card Sharp: that's what people call someone who is particularly handy with his cards.

Cut: In blackjack, the phrase "cutting cards" refers to a method of separating cards after the shuffling of cards has been completed by the dealer.

Cut Cards: these are colored plastic cards that are often used to separate (cut, cut) a deck of cards after it has been shuffled by the dealer.


D’Alembert System: The d’alembert system is a progressive betting strategy used by blackjack players. It is one of the most secure systems you can use to increase your bets after a loss or when your bankroll is on the low side. Read more about this strategy on the Blackjack Betting Strategy page from Safe casino login.

Deal: When the dealer deals the cards to the players at the blackjack table.

Dealer: The person who works for the casino login and is responsible for a good and smooth game of blackjack. He deals the cards to the players and is also the opponent of the other gamblers at the table.

Deck Penetration: This phrase is used to describe how many decks of cards a dealer uses before shuffling them. In a classic version of Blackjack, usually between 6-8 decks of cards are used.

Discard Tray: This is the place where the cards are placed that do not participate (anymore) in the blackjack game.

Double Down: A blackjack player can choose to place a second bet on the table by selecting the "double down" option. The decision is usually based on the hand a player manages to get during the game.

Draw: This word is actually a synonym for the term "hit". So when a player chooses this option, he / she receives a new card from the dealer.


Early Surrender: During a game of blackjack, a player can choose to surrender and thus surrender his / her initial bet before the dealer eventually finds a blackjack in his / her own hand.

Even Money: When you have a natural blackjack in your hand and the dealer's first card shows an ace, you can choose to collect your winnings before the dealer picks up his other card. The payout in this case is usually 1: 1.


Face Cards: These are all cards from the deck with pictures on them. This can be a jack, queen, king or an ace. In a deck you will find four of each by hearts, spades, clovers or diamonds.

Face Down Game: In some variations of blackjack, one card is dealt face up and a second face down. This is also called the face down variant.

Face Up Game: All cards are dealt visibly, so that every player can see all the cards.

First Base: This term refers to a specific place around the blackjack table. This is the place to the left of the dealer. If you sit here, you will be the first to receive a card.

Flat Bet: This term is used when you place the same unit / amount of money on every bet, during a game of blackjack.


Hard Hand: The ace makes the difference between a "hard hand" and a "soft hand". In a hard hand the ace is counted as 1 point, but in a soft hand the card is worth 11 points. A "hard hand" is sometimes also described as a "hard total".

Heads Up or Heads On: In this particular game of blackjack, there is only one dealer and one player at the table.

Hit: This is the term used to indicate to the dealer that he or she wants to receive another card.

Hole Card: The dealer's first card, which is dealt face up, is known as the "hole card".


Insurance: Normally, insurance takes on a bet if the dealer has a visible ace. The point is that the player then makes a second bet where the dealer's having or not having a natural blackjack is the bet. If the player is right, he or she can win double the stake on the first bet. 


Counting cards: This is a strategy that gamblers use in blackjack to find out which cards have already been played and which have not, so that the probability of the next dealt card can be determined to a higher degree to make better predictions.


Late Surrender: This term is used in some games when the dealer does not have a blackjack.


Pat Hand: This suggests that the player's hand in blackjack is worth at least 17 points. When this happens, the blackjack player is "pat".

Perfect Pairs: In blackjack it can happen that a player is dealt two cards of equal value. This can be a mixed pair, a color pair, or a perfect pair. A perfect pair are two cards of the same suit and rank.

Point count: This is a term that refers to a particular card counting strategy that involves counting the net worth of the card at the end of the hand.

Preferred Shuffle: This indicates that the cards remaining in the deck or shoe are preferred by the players.

Push: A push occurs when both the dealer and the player finish with the same number of points. In this case, the player does not lose or win anything.


Resplit: Following a split, a player can choose to "resplit" provided that he / she acquires another hand in which there is a pair. Hence, after the player opts to replit, the 2 hands he / she already has will in effect become 4 different hands.

Resplit: After a player has chosen to split his cards, this person can split again (the resplit) if he now has a pair again due to the newly received card. So then that player could suddenly make four independent hands from the two hands he or she already had.

Running Count: When counting cards, the "running count" is the card at the beginning of the deck whose card counter changes its value followed by each subsequent hand, counting the points.


Shiner: A shiner is a device used during blackjack to cheat, because with the shiner you can find out what the dealer's "hole card" is.

Shoe: This is where the decks of cards are kept, and where the dealer usually deals.

Shuffle: This is the action the dealer takes to place the order of the cards in any pile.

Shuffle up: a dealer shakes before it is actually necessary to dissuade bettors from counting cards during the game of blackjack.

Soft Hand: This is the hand where one has an ace worth 11 points and another card. When a player then decides to go for the "hit" option, that ace is not worth 11 but 1 point.

Split: the term "split" is used when one wants to change two cards of the same rank into two independent hands. A pair of tens then becomes a hand with a 10 twice. This is also called the "split hand".

Spooking: This is a method one can use to cheat in a casino login that is never allowed and can result in a ban. This involves a person standing behind the dealer to keep an eye on the game and get a glimpse of the dealer's hole card. This henchman will then signal the information to a player at the table.

Stand, or Stay: This is the option that a blackjack player goes for if they no longer wish to receive additional cards and stays with their hand as it is at that time..

Standing Hand: This is the hand a player has when his point total is 17 or higher. It is unwise to take another card, so you have to choose "stand".

Stand-off: this word is synonymous with the term "push".

Stick (Stay): This term is really only used in the "Pontoon" variety of blackjack and means "stand".

Stiff Hand: This is a hand that is not considered very fortunate. Usually the total score for such a hand is on the low side, so in hindsight a player has a low chance of winning. But if the player goes for a "hit" there is a risk that 21 points will be exceeded, resulting in a "bust".

Surrender: With this blackjack option, the player gives up and no longer participates in the round. He / she will then get half of the bet back.


Tell Play: This term refers to observing the behavior of an opponent or the dealer in blackjack, in order to determine in this way what he or she has in his / her hand, as happens in poker..

Third Base: The term third base, or third base, is another word for "anchor".

Tie: this word is synonymous with the terms "push" and "standoff".

Twist: This is another term only used with the "Pontoon" variety of blackjack, and is another word for "hit".


Unit: The "unit" in blackjack is the minimum stake a player is willing to bet.

Up card: The up card is face up on the table and is often the dealer's first card. Players can see his or her card and then decide whether or not they want to continue their game.


Wager: This is another word for placing a bet. When playing blackjack for real money, a bet should always be made during the first phase of the game.

Wonging: This is a term used when a player "counts back" the cards until he or she thinks the odds at a blackjack table are in his favor. When it is determined that this moment has come, the player will join the table and play.

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The game of luck and strategy has been around for three centuries and years have passed since blackjack became a favorite and continues to win the hearts of gamblers around the world. When you play this exciting game your heart can pound like a hammer, waiting for the outcome of the round, are you going to win big or lose your bet? Once you are familiar with the blackjack terms we have described on this page and are ready to try out this casino login classic, we recommend browsing our Blackjack Guide to find a good casino login where you can play right away.!