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This payment method is currently not supported by online casino logins Boku

As a revolutionary payment method, you can make a deposit with your mobile via Boku to your online casino login account within minutes, while you no longer need to use credit, debit cards and e-wallets in the process. If you want to play at one of the many Boku casino logins on the net, go ahead and choose one from our list of online casino logins. However, if you want a little more information first, read this guide first!

At the moment no casino logins offer this payment method

Boku casino logins - A Complete Guide to Using Boku

Boku is a payment method that was founded in 2003 that allows you to deposit money into the online casino login of your choice directly through your mobile device (provided they offer Boku as a payment option in the first place). The payment option has especially been liked by the users who are still wary when it comes to submitting their personal data online. This may be due to the fact that the only information that users have to enter when making a deposit is the phone number. Furthermore, there is absolutely no need to provide sensitive personal information such as name, surname or bank account number. Once submitted, each transaction is always verified by the user through his or her phone provider. Users then benefit from an extra "layer" of security.

Reasons to Use Boku for Your Online casino login Transactions:

  • With this payment option you can easily deposit money via your mobile;
  • You can take advantage of a fantastic welcome bonus;
  • Once you have deposited money using Boku, your money will be available to use immediately;
  • There is no cost involved in using Boku.

How Can I Deposit to Boku casino logins?

1 / Navigate to the online casino login deposit page

To make a deposit at an online casino login, the first step you need to take is to navigate to your casino login's payment options page.

2 / Choose Boku as your preferred payment method and verify your number

Once you are on the payment options page, you will usually be presented with 3 different options to choose from. These are: e-wallet, credit or debit card and 'Pay by Mobile'. Then, if you want to use Boku, you just have to click on 'Pay by Mobile' and then select 'Deposit money'. Once you have done this, you will then be redirected to the Boku payment panel.

Note: When using Boku for the first time, you will need to enter, save and verify your mobile number. 

3 / Enter the amount you wish to deposit

Then enter the amount you want to deposit via your mobile as well as your telephone number and send it. You will receive a text message and you will be asked to verify your number.

4 / Confirm the amount via SMS

After undergoing the above procedure, you will receive an SMS message on your mobile phone. To complete your deposit, you just need to confirm the amount by text message. This can be done by typing 'Y' (for 'yes') and pressing the submit button. The amount you have deposited will then be made available immediately and will be added to your phone bill or to your pay-as-you-go card.

5 / Log back into the casino login site to play with your new credit

Once you are done, all you have to do is log back into your casino login account and start or continue betting on and betting on your favorite game!

Boku Recordings

Unfortunately, if you win money (congratulations) playing at an online casino login, it will not be possible to withdraw your money using Boku. So you have to choose another option to withdraw your winnings. Before choosing an online casino login you should always take this into account if you wish to use Boku: make sure there is also an attractive payment option for withdrawing money.

Safety & Security features of Boku

Part of the allure of using Boku as a payment method to deposit money from your mobile phone to your online casino login account is the added layer of security. To begin with, you will always need to confirm this transaction with a text message from Boku every time you make a deposit. By validating this amount, you can be sure that your transaction will be executed in a 100% secure manner. However, if the deposit is not verified on your part, it will not be able to go through and you will not be further billed by the company for the outstanding amount.

Transfer Duration of Boku Transactions

After confirmation of your deposit via mobile application, your money will be made available immediately. So there is absolutely no waiting time and you will be able to play your favorite casino login game for real money once you are logged into your account.

Boku Customer Service

If you're having trouble with the accredited mobile payment service, Boku has a dedicated support team with an extensive page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions to help you quickly find the right answer. However, if your question remains unanswered after viewing the page, you can reach their team by requesting a support request via email.

The Benefits of Using Boku casino logins 

   Convenient payment option

What's absolutely fantastic about Boku is that this particular payment option cuts down on the need to use credit, debit, and even e-wallets. All you need to complete a transaction is that silly little electronic device that's in your pocket - your cell phone.

   Does not require personal banking information

If you happen to hate making online transactions that often require you to submit your personal information such as first and last name, credit or debit card number as well as your billing address, you will be extra happy to learn that Boku will be very different. The company will never ask you for personal information.

   Direct Deposit

Deposits are completed instantly when using Boku. Once you have confirmed the transaction, there is no further waiting time.

   Mobile, Tablet & Computer friendly

Payments can be made on any device you want. However, you should always have your mobile phone at hand to confirm the transaction you have made.

   Extra security

Boku offers an extra dimension of security because every transaction must be confirmed by your mobile.

   Great 24/7 support

Part of the reason many people choose to use Boku is because of its fantastic 24/7 reachable customer service.

The Cons of Using Boku casino logins

   US players cannot use Boku to make deposits at online casino logins.

While many US players can use Boku to pay for a variety of goods and services online, unregulated online casino logins in the US cannot offer Boku as a payment option. However, if you happen to need an option to deposit and reside in the US, you can still get it done using American Express, Neteller, Check, Wire Transfer, EcoPayz, Visa or Skrill.

   You can only make small deposits.

If you are looking for a method to deposit a fairly large bankroll, unfortunately Boku is not for you as you can only deposit $ 30 at a time.

You are unable to withdraw your winnings.

If luck happens to be on your side while you are playing your game of choice and suddenly win a large amount of money, you will not be able to collect it with the help of Boku.

Boku casino logins Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Boku?

To use Boku, you just need to find an online casino login that accepts Boku as a payment method. Once you are on the deposit page at the online casino login of your choice, the next step is to enter the amount you wish to deposit. When you have done this, you will receive a text message to confirm the amount you wish to deposit. After confirming this amount, you will need to return to your account at the online casino login, log in and start playing casino login games for real money.

I get a welcome bonus when using Boku?

Yes, by using Boku you will be eligible for the welcome bonus available on your selected casino login site.

How soon will my money be available after depositing with Boku?

Once you have made a deposit through Boku and confirmed it by text message, your money will be instantly available at the online casino login where you are a member.

Are there any deposit limits?

Yes, there is a minimum deposit of 10 euros and a maximum of 30 euros per day.

Are there any costs associated with using Boku?

No, you never owe a fee for transactions with Boku's help. The only party charged is the seller.

Can I use Boku as a pay-as-you-go method?

Yes, if you use prepaid credit instead of paying a monthly phone bill, you can still use Boku, provided you have enough money loaded on your phone of course.

Can I withdraw my money using Boku?

No, Boku can only be used to make deposits.

What if my currency is not supported by the online casino login?

If the casino login you have chosen does not support your currency, the online casino login will convert the currency using an exchange rate. While there is usually no cost in this process 

Is Boku more secure than other payment methods?

Since it doesn't ask for all kinds of sensitive information other than your phone number, Boku is significantly more secure than most other payment options out there.

Will a casino login site ever ask me for information about my Boku payments??

If you ever receive an email from a casino login site asking you about your Boku payments, don't reply. There is no valid reason for them to request this as all payments are made through your telephone provider.

Start playing at the Best Boku casino logins & Win Big!

If you happen to be looking for an alternative payment option to eliminate the need for credit cards, e-wallets or offline payment methods to deposit money at an online casino login, Boku may be the solution for you! Boku casino logins offer you as a mobile gambler an excellent opportunity to deposit money via your mobile, wherever you are. After depositing money, you will immediately be able to play your favorite casino login game and enjoy betting and gambling. It's fast, it's easy, and most importantly, it's safe. Sure, it has a few drawbacks, but what payment option doesn't? In the end, we can honestly say that Boku is one of the best methods to use when making deposits at mobile casino logins!