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Cookie casino login
100% match bonus up to $ 100 + 120 free spins
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Regular bonus: $ 100
Regular bonus match: 100%
With first deposit:
100% match bonus up to $ 100 + 120 free spins
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Cookie casino login

Cookie casino login has been online since 2020.

Have fun playing at Cookie casino login

Cookie casino login is one of the most new players to the online casino login market and has been operating since the beginning of 2020. Some players may be concerned about reliability when a completely new casino login hits the market. However, the founders behind the Cookie casino login are far from unknown, namely the N1 casino login Ltd. N1 casino logins has several online casino logins that it offers and has been active in the online casino login world for many years with a good reputation. In addition, of course, the license from the Malta Gaming Authority, the independent regulatory authority that keeps an eye on the majority of online casino logins, is also included. So you can get started at the Cookie casino login with confidence.

Payment options

There is no shortage of payment options at Cookie casino login, at the moment there is a choice between no fewer than 15 different payment methods for the Netherlands! What is striking in itself is that the Cookie casino login does not allow players from the United States and England. Fortunately, you have the choice to pay with the US Dollar because many online casino logins work with this currency and the dollar is of course not completely tied to the country of origin. The Cookie casino login has the usual credit card providers available such as Mastercard and Visa as an option. The popular online payment methods Neteller and Skrill, which are widely used by casino login players, are also available.

In addition to the most well-known payment methods, the Cookie casino login also has the option to make your first deposit with new, relatively unknown payment methods. For example, Skrill Rapid Transfer is also available that causes immediate disruptions, both to and back to your bank account. EcoPayz, Neosurf and Zimpler are also interesting companies that can sometimes offer competitive rates when it comes to surcharges, where the giants can sometimes drop a stitch. So check in advance which method is most beneficial for you!

Customer service

One of the advantages of the Cookie casino login is that it offers some of the best customer service of the online casino logins we have seen to date. For example, chat support is available for everyone, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What you sometimes see is that many online casino logins have their live chat online for a limited time and it is often only available to direct players. The Cookie casino login already distinguishes itself here from some other online casino logins with a feature that we hope will become available at more online casino logins..

If you have more extensive questions or simply are not in a hurry to ask your question, there is always also the normal e-mail support. Various tests showed that all emails were answered within 48 hours and even a large part was returned to the inbox within 24 hours. In the unlikely event that you run into something, the Cookie casino login is quick and adequate in offering the necessary help.


At Safe casino login we consider fair play to be of paramount importance and that is fortunately no different for the Cookie casino login. Even more than at most online casino logins, the Cookie casino login has joined several parties that take care of the players of the online casino logins and help keep playing fun and not become an addiction. For example, the Cookie casino login has affiliated with Gambling Therapy, Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, GamAnon and is of course a supporter of responsible gaming. So if you unexpectedly find out that playing at the Cookie casino login is no longer fun and you find it difficult to stop, make sure to use one of these instances!

The different agencies all offer slightly different forms of help and some of them also work together. For example, there is therapy that focuses on addiction care, but there are also normal points of contact where you can talk to other people about your problems. Everything is of course without obligation, so you don't have to worry about costs or parties chasing you. The Cookie casino login itself also offers help when playing is no longer fun. Consider, for example, setting daily budgets or simply limiting the amount of money you can deposit in a period. So make sure that playing remains fun for yourself instead of an unnecessary expense.


As mentioned earlier, the reliability of the Cookie casino login is high despite being one of the newest online casino logins on the market. The parent company N1 casino login Ltd has several reliable casino logins to its name that have had a good reputation in the online casino login world for years. In addition to the reliable owner of the Cookie casino login, the license from the Malta Gaming Authority is of course also included. The Malta Gaming Authority ensures that all games are fair with good random number generators. They also pay attention to the payment speed of the online casino logins. When something is not in order, the online casino login is immediately reprimanded or even immediately revoked the license. To make sure this is not the case, you can always check the latest news on the Malta Gaming Authority website..

In addition to the reliability of the games themselves and the speed of payment, the Cookie casino login is also well equipped with digital encryption and security. All data that you provide to the Cookie casino login is securely encrypted and stored separately on the servers. The payment details are never stored directly at the Cookie casino login itself, but always go via the secure routes of the payment method.


This is one of the gems of the Cookie casino login and the interface is so strong that it actually sets it apart from almost all other online casino logins. Of course it is more and more normal that you come across a strong interface at an online casino login. Certainly with the increase of players who go to the online casino login via their mobile, there is a trend to be seen in good mobile adaptive sites. The Cookie casino login not only makes this interface support available but also sets a new standard for the competition when it comes to clarity and speed..

The layout is intuitive and you can quickly find what you are looking for, if you also want to brush up on your French or other languages, this is quickly arranged and also always easy to switch back. The main navigation has the most essential Cookie casino login features available. If you want to search more extensively or need more specific functions, the side menu is very strongly designed. You can also find the chat function at the bottom right at all times, so if you still cannot find a solution, help is always easy and quick to find.


Another point where the Cookie casino login shows itself positively compared to the competition with the other online casino logins is the theme of the Cookie casino login and the website. If you haven't thought of it yet, cookie stands for the tasty version that is also available in your supermarket and not the digital version (although it is also available). Some online casino logins can seem boring or get boring quickly due to a standard theme, or worse; a complete lack of digital presentation. At the Cookie casino login you certainly don't have to worry about this because all pages are decorated in a simple but sleek theme of digital cartoon cookies. 

As you will discover later, this theme is not only focused on the decoration of the website, but also the various bonuses and especially the VIP program are included in the extensive theme of the Cookie casino login. Of course, the house style is something you should like and it can also come across as a bit childish compared to other online casino logins. We have no problem with this ourselves and would rather see a well-maintained website than a gray and gray online casino login.

The Game Options

Video slots

As with most online casino logins, online video slots make up the bulk of the various games and Cookie casino login is certainly no exception. What is interesting to know is the fact that the Cookie casino login adds a new video slot at least every two weeks. As a result, the range of games continues to increase, although there is of course an abundance of choice. At the time of writing, there are many hundreds of games available at Cookie casino login and a good majority of these games are the video slots.

To get a better idea of ​​the different video slots it is always useful to look at the different game providers that are active at the online casino login. The Cookie casino login also features the biggest names in the industry. For example, many slots from Netent, Booming Games and Red Tiger Gaming are available. When you take a look at the search function you will discover that a total of 17 (yes indeed, seventeen!) Different game developers have made their games available for the Cookie casino login. Regardless of your preference, there is certainly something for you at the Cookie casino login.


You will also not fall short of jackpots at the Cookie casino login and when you filter on jackpot games it starts with a small selection from the range and you will see the first thirty games. The jackpot games of course also differ in the size of the jackpot and thus how fast it will fall. The smaller jackpots start at just under a hundred and will go up to several hundred. If you really want to go for the bigger work then the jackpots with a few thousand to even more than a million are available. However, be aware that the bigger the prize, the less likely it is to actually win it.

We therefore recommend that in addition to the size of the jackpot, you should pay particular attention to the fun you get out of the jackpot games. Do not forget that all games of the Cookie casino login are always in demo ready to discover. So before you get started with your hard-earned coins, you can do some test laps at the different jackpots. In any case, we have found our favorite in the Trump It or even better, Trump It Deluxe. These jackpots star America's most beloved president and there will certainly be no shortage of laughter when you go for this game, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Live options

We can't repeat it often enough, but the live options in an online casino login really remains one of the most important and fun game options you can find for us. What can be compared to the real life action that you see unfold on the screen before you? Besides the guarantee of fairness you get from the game's live streaming options, interaction with the dealer is one of the best things you can find at Cookie casino login. At the moment there is unfortunately no live game available in the cookie theme yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

However, the classics are like roulette, black jack and baccarat present at the various live tables. The nice thing about the Cookie casino login is that there are also some more modern variants available with the live games. For example, there is even a live monopoly game that you can participate in and the well-known deal or no deal also has a live version available in the Cookie casino login. All providers of the live games are also of high quality in both the design and in the presenters and dealers of the various live games..

Game providers

It has been discussed briefly in the video slots heading, but the number of game providers and developers is incredibly high and larger than most online casino logins. It is common that there are about seven to eight different providers active at an online casino login, but at the Cookie casino login this is as good as double. The biggest names in the industry such as Booming Games, Netent and Red Tiger Gaming are not missing, but there are also a lot of unknown providers available at the Cookie casino login.

The advantage of this is that the newer and smaller developers often have a higher win rate for the players and the themes of the games can also be more current than those of the other providers. Elk, Endorphina and Evolution are a few of these developers, so it's definitely worth checking out which of the 15 different developers offers the best and most fun games for you. Regardless, with a huge selection, you will not be short of something at the Cookie casino login.


At the Cookie casino login an interesting combination has been made between fixed and temporary bonuses and promotions. When you look around the other online casino logins you will find a welcome bonus almost by default and the Cookie casino login is no exception. What makes the welcome bonus a lot more interesting than that of the other online casino logins is the fact that the bonus is smaller but also much easier to unlock. 

  • In total you can get up to $ 100 in extra money with 30 free spins

If you actually want to keep this money in your account, you will have to use it 40x. Please note, the maximum bet for this bonus is $ 5, we therefore recommend getting started with Baccarat or of course roulette in order to run less risk when releasing the bonus.

In addition to this first deposit bonus, there are other bonuses that can change over time, but what remains available is the VIP program. The Cookie casino login VIP program is always active, so it doesn't matter which game you play, in the meantime you will collect points for the VIP program. When you unlock the first levels you will receive free spins for various popular video slots. The next step is at level 10 where the cashback bonuses start and the first amount you can get back is $ 10. No free spins or other games, but hard cash. Just keep in mind that to unlock the higher levels you must have bet a lot of money, so the cashback is not a realistic goal for everyone. 

Pros and cons


  • Top interface - The Cookie casino login provides a top-notch interface experience and this applies to both the desktop and mobile versions. You will find few other online casino logins that make playing so clear and visually appealing. For example, it does not matter where on the website you are, but you will always find the chat at the bottom right so that you can easily ask your question. Furthermore, the most important links of the Cookie casino login can be found in the horizontal menu. For the more extensive functions you can unfold the menu on the side. This keeps the site simple and clear in design.

  • Best house style / graphics - To be fair, taste can certainly be disputed and not every online casino login player will be happy with the theme, but we are certainly happy with the high quality of the house style. At the competition you can sometimes encounter an old-fashioned interface where the pixels are almost pushed out of your screen, but the Cookie casino login certainly has its affairs in order here. One of the tricks used by Cookie casino login is to use vectors. These are images that can be made larger and smaller without diminishing the quality of the image. So whether you play on your mobile or on a huge computer screen, the graphics will remain sharp.

  • VIP Program - The VIP program is a nice extra bonus that you always and automatically participate in. This way you can get some extra free spins here and there and later levels the levels even bring cashback. Pay attention with the cashback, the first level is unlocked after $ 18750. For most of us, these are already considerable amounts to bet. The VIP program is a nice extra, but it is best to keep it that way. If you want to go for the profit, it is more useful to try to earn some extra money with a strategy. Check out our guides to bankroll management and strategies here.

  • Fast Payout - Fortunately, the standard at most online casino logins today is getting better than it was a few years ago, but you will still be able to find plenty of online casino logins where payout can take several days. Fortunately, the Cookie casino login has a lightning-fast payout with most payment methods. Especially when you withdraw your money with Skrill Rapid Transfer, this will be processed immediately. A maximum time of 12 hours is used for all other payment methods. Receiving your money will therefore not be due to the Cookie casino login.


  • There are online casino logins with a larger selection - It is crazy to say because the Cookie casino login has a huge selection of games but there are still online casino logins with a larger selection of games. Where Cookie casino login involves many hundreds of games, there are also online casino logins where you can replace hundreds by thousands. Now you can of course ask yourself how important this is because even with hundreds of games you will be happy for quite a long time. Rather, it will probably come down to a specific game that you would like to play. Fortunately, the search function is a good help with this so that you will find the answer quickly.

  • Relatively Unknown Online casino login - Many online casino login players will not be familiar with the site yet as Cookie casino login has been operating since early 2020. That is why you will find little or no comments from different players on the internet. Ultimately, this does not have to be a problem because the parent company behind the Cookie casino login, N1 casino login Ltd is already a well-known player. N1 casino logins has several online casino logins to its name and has been able to build a good reputation over the years.

  • Childish House Style - It is that online casino logins are prohibited for anyone under the age of 18, but if you didn't know better you would think it is a games site for children. No matter how sleek the website is designed at the end of the day, it is difficult to deny that there is a childlike appearance to the theme. Now that is not an issue for us because the interface and the quality of the website more than makes up for it. Nevertheless, we can imagine that the theme is too sweet for some people.

Get started at Cookie casino login

Welcome to the bottom of the line, if you have read all the points then you probably now have a good idea of ​​the Cookie casino login. As far as bonuses are concerned, the Cookie casino login is not a tour de force but the interface and variety in the game providers certainly makes that good for us. Outside of this review, we can only recommend playing some demos of the different games if you still have doubts. Whichever path you take, make sure that the online casino login remains fun for you and that you stick to your bankroll management, enjoy!