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2 casino logins where you can use this GiroPay payment method

Giropay was founded in 2006 as an online banking system in Germany. The payment system was designed by Postbank after a growing demand among banks to offer their customers a good online payment service. Today, the service operates between more than 1,500 German and Austrian banks and is used by more than 17 million customers. Apart from the fact that in the past people were quite reluctant to pay online, GiroPay today is responsible for more than a million payments per month, making the payment method the second most used payment method after Sofort Überweisung, which has more than 2 million transactions per month. GiroPay casino logins are the preferred choice for many German and Austrian players.

GiroPay supported casino logins

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How is Giropay used?

The procedure that applies when an online payment is made via GiroPay is quite identical to other online payment systems and basically starts when the player chooses GiroPay to pay with, and then selects a bank to which the player in question is affiliated. At this point, the player will be directed back to the login page of his bank account to enter his personal details as well as the necessary information. The bank displays all information about the transaction and the customer is asked to enter his account number and PIN code. After the player has successfully completed all these steps, the bank sends a Transaction Authenticity Number (TAN code) with which the player can confirm the transaction. The bank then does the rest and forwards the payment to the receiving party who immediately deposits the money into the online casino login account. In addition, a confirmation is also sent to the receiving party so that they know that the payment has arrived. After this, the player will receive a confirmation that the payment has been made.

How secure is GiroPay

If you read the steps above, you will realize how secure GiroPay is. Customers do not only have to provide their account number, this must be in combination with the aforementioned PIN code and the TAN codes. Because everything is done equally, it is almost impossible for a third party to rip things off. An extra addition to the security register of GIroPay is the fact that the users of this service remain completely anonymous as neither the personal and financial data of the sender and receiver is disclosed. It is important to remember that while payments are guaranteed up to $ 5000, GiroPay deposits cannot be canceled.

GiroPay in the online casino login world

If you want to be able to use this payment method in a GiroPay casino login, you as a player must first choose GiroPay as the payment method on the deposit page. After this, the same procedure as mentioned earlier follows to put money into your casino login account. The player will be returned to the bank of their choice, fill in the online transaction form, confirm with the TAN code and the bank will immediately send the chosen amount to the casino login. When the transfer is done, the deposited money is usually immediately available in your online casino login account, which means that you can start playing right away!

How do you withdraw money at a GiroPay casino login?

Withdrawing money at a GiroPay casino login is done in the same way as with depositing money and normally the amount is immediately paid out to your bank account.

What are the benefits of GiroPay?

-        It is a safe and reliable payment method.

-        Payments are instant, meaning you don't have to wait for the amount deposited to become available to play with.

-        No additional registration is required, because as a player you can simply use your regular bank account.

-       Payments made through GiroPay are anonymous and no sensitive data about you is disclosed in any way.

What are the disadvantages of GiroPay?

Probably the biggest disadvantage of GiroPay is the fact that you have to pay a transaction fee with every transaction. Those costs differ per bank and therefore it is good to find out what your bank normally charges (usually those costs are between 0.9% and 1.2% plus $ 0.08 per transaction).

Another drawback is that GiroPay is only available to German and Austrian players. It should be noted that German and Austrian banks dealing with GiroPay are trying to expand the possibilities to a system with transnational payments.

The best online casino logins that accept GiroPay

As mentioned, GiroPay can be found at most online casino logins that accept German and Austrian players, as the payment method is mainly available for these nationalities. To find out which casino logins support GiroPay you can take a look at our Safe casino login list where you will find some very good GiroPay casino logins, with a reliable review per casino login! \

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