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Slot Dictionary

Therefore we introduce our readers (and those we like as our readers) to a dictionary on slots, of a splendor that would make our own mothers weep if they read it. This slots dictionary will not only help you conquer the slot machine, but by studying our slot page and memorizing the terms you will never feel like you don't know what others are talking about when the theme is slot machine. U.S slot machine dictionary serves not only to educate, but through the links on the page By following you will learn about the history, the rules, slot strategy and all that this wonderful game that has garnered millions of fans about the whole world has to offer. 

Online casino login Terms

Action: This term refers to the total amount of money that a player has wagered at any given time. This information can generally be found on the player's slot club card and is offered by most land-based casino logins.

Bonus Features: These are basically the slot machines that have specific features to improve the gameplay and allow the player to win extra cash and spins. Bonus features come in the form of "wild" symbols, "scatter" symbols, free spins or extra bonus games.

Carousel: A group of slot machines.

Classic Slot (classic slot machine): An alternate way of referring to the very first slot machines that had 3 reels to play on.

Coin Size: The fixed amount that a player has to throw into the slot of a machine to be able to play that slot machine. Depending on the specific requirements of the slot machine, players must bet a certain amount of coins per line.

'Cold' Machine: A slot machine that supposedly won't pay out in the foreseeable future. To learn more about this mythical creature and the stories surrounding it, check out our Slot Machine Strategy Section.

Fill: This refers to the bag of coins that is used to fill an empty hopper (compartment with money from a machine).

Five Reel Slot: This machine has two more reels than its traditional three-wheeled brother. This still gives the Five Reel Slot a traditional look, while there are more paylines giving the bettor a better chance of winning.

Fixed Jackpot: Unlike the progressive jackpot, slot machines with fixed jackpots always pay out the same amount regardless of how often they win and how many players play at the same time.

Free Spins: If free spins are available, you will see that immediately. Free spins are usually given as bonus prizes and give players the chance to play extra spins for free.

Slot machine: This term refers to the name Britons use for the slot machine. This is because the first slot machines were round and had symbols depicting different fruits (such as cherries) on their reels. You win if you had the same fruit on all three reels.

Hit: This is another word for a winning "spin" (the spinning of the reels).

Hit Frequency: This refers to the frequency at which the machine gives a player a hit, in relation to the number of games played and possible combinations. While the outcome of a slot machine is really based on luck, critical players try to trace a pattern using the hit frequency of a machine and increase the odds of winning.

Hit and Run: This term refers to players operating a single payline slot machine with maximum payout for very few spins, then moving to another slot if the machine does not pay out.

High volatility: the higher the volatility of a slot machine, the less it will pay out. However, the payouts from machines with high volatility are usually greater than machines with low volatility.

Hold Percentage: This term refers to the percentage of the money the casino login holds when a player bets their money. An example of this is this: a 99% slot machine will keep 1 cent for every dollar a player hands in and return 99 cents to the player.

Hopper: This is where the money is stored, inside a slot machine. When the hopper overflows, the excess money will fall into a bucket. This extra money is the casino login's profit. Hoppers are usually emptied in the morning, before the crowds arrive at the casino login.

'Hot' Machine: This is the opposite of the aforementioned, 'cold' machine, a 'hot' machine is a machine that, according to popular belief, could give a payout at any time. For more information about this machine, please visit our Slots Strategy Section.

Jackpot: the highest amount of winnings a player can get.

Loose Lock: loose slot machines are so named because they have a higher payout percentage than the average slot machine.

Low Long livel: Slots where you can play while seated.

Low Volatility: Low volatility machines are likely to yield more hits, but those hits are generally smaller than on a high volatility machine.

Maximum bet: This refers to the maximum number of coins a player can bet on a spin. Players can also bet a maximum amount of coins on one line or on multiple paylines. When it comes to a classic slot machine, the maximum bet is usually three coins, which will result in a bigger jackpot than playing with one or two coins.

Multi-line: This term is used when a player bets on multiple paylines to increase their chances of getting a hit. Slots can have multiple paylines - it all depends on the specific machine.

Multiplier (multiplier): While not all machines offer this, a multiplier - aka a multiplier - will increase a player's winnings when he or she has a hit. The win resulting from a hit is then multiplied by the multiplier offered (e.g. x2).

Near Miss: This term refers to the moment when a player almost has a winning combination on a slot machine, but just falls short.

One Armed Bandit (one-armed bandit): A term that is still used that refers to the slot machine. This name owes its popularity to the leverage the first slot machines had on the side, and the quick way a tug on one of those levers would "rob" you of your money .

Payline: This term refers to the lines that run across the screen at online slot machines. The amount a player can win depends on the specific payline pattern the bettor is betting on. Paylines are only activated when the player bets on them prior to spinning.

Payout: The amount of money a player gets when he has a "hit".

Payout Percentage: This refers to the percentage of money a player can expect back when playing on a specific slot machine. An example of this is that if a machine has a 98% payout percentage, this means that if one wins with a particular combination, $ 0.98 of every dollar will be paid to the player with the remainder held by the machine as part of the casino login.

Pay Table (Pay Table): Usually found at the top of the slot machine, the payout table is the name of the list of potential payouts a player can receive based on the different combinations of symbols available. The payout table will also tell you if there are any bonus features.

Pokies: A term used by Australians to refer to slot machines.

Progressive Jackpot: This refers to the ever-increasing jackpot available to players playing on a group of interconnected progressive slots. The progressive jackpot then continues to grow based on the amount of people playing and the number of coins they bet. For every spin / hand played on the machine, a portion is used to fund the jackpot until the total amount becomes huge. While progressive jackpots are the sum total of several slot machines within a single casino login, casino logins sometimes join forces to form an inter-casino login progressive jackpot. This cooperation can of course lead to the generation of even larger amounts.

Progressive Slot: A progressive slot machine is linked to other slot machines on the internet or physically on land and offers players a growing jackpot that resets when a lucky player wins the progressive jackpot. Not all machines are progressive, so one should always check that their chosen machine is a progressive slot before you start playing.

Random Number Generator: Despite the fact that some players invariably choose not to believe this, random number generators are built into all modern slot machines, whether online or land-based. The Random Number Generator is there to ensure fair play. Thanks to this software, it is not necessary for a player to use a strategy to win, as winning combinations are determined by the device (and therefore chance) and not by the player. That said, there are other ways and means to increase your chances of winning, and these can be found on our Slot Machine Strategy Section.

Reels (spools, wheels or rollers): This refers to the construction of the first slot machines that consisted of metal narrow rotating wheels. These old slot machines had reels marked with symbols and once spins the player could win (or lose) depending on his final combinations. Those combinations determine whether or not he will be paid out and how much that payout will then be. While there are slots with one, two, three or four reels, the three reel machines are the most common and the most traditional. The more reels a slot machine has, the harder it is for the player to hit the coveted jackpot.

ScatterA scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the slot reels and is designed to trigger a winning combination, even if the symbol is not part of the payline itself. Combinations of scatter symbols can be used to win free spins or access bonus games and can often be found in video slot machines.

Signature Slots: These are slots of the respective casino login's own brand.

Slot Machine Tournament: This refers to a special event where players compete for a big prize on specially programmed slot machines. Players can play at the same time, in groups, or themselves and the winner is determined by a specially appointed person who counts the number of points each person has accumulated during the tournament. Points are calculated based on the amount of credits accrued.

Slot Type: This term refers to the type of slot machines you can choose to play on. Players can choose from basic slots, progressive slots or bonus slots, to name a few.

Sound of Rain: This term is used to refer to the sound the coins make when a player has a hit on the slot machine.

Stand up (standing): Slot machines designed to be played while standing behind. Obviously, this term does not apply to online slots.

Symbols: These are the images on the slot machine reels that players must try to connect across the paylines in order to win. The symbols on the reels vary and can be fruits, numbers, cards, bars or other things. They differ based on the type of slot machine being played on. The first slot machine consisted of no less than five reels with a total of fifty different images of cards, and was based on the rules of poker. Some machines may have scatter symbols and "wild" symbols in addition to the standard symbols. This gives the player the opportunity to win big with less effort.

Take / Pay Cycle: The take / pay cycle is based on the wrong assumption that slot machines pay out according to very specific patterns and cycles or when a certain amount of coins are entered.

Three Reel Slot: This term is used to describe slot machines that have only three reels. Three reel slots are still widely used as they give the slot a slightly classic look and offer a simpler game than their five reel siblings.

Tight Slot (narrow slot): Unlike loose slots, sleek slots generally have low payout percentages that give the house an edge. So make sure you are always familiar with the slot machines and their payouts before betting too much money.

Video Slot (Video Slot): A relatively new face in the world of slots, the video slot would not have existed without the development in technology that the world has seen in recent years. A video slot machine does not have the normal physical reels, but instead these functions are simulated with different graphics and animations.

Wager Management (deployment management): This refers to the method a player uses to efficiently manage his bankroll and get the most out of the slot game. By breaking down your bankroll into smaller amounts and deciding in advance how many sessions you will play, you will not only make money instead of losing, but you will also learn when to quit. For more information on this method and how to stick to your stance when things get worse, read our Money Management page.

Wild Symbol: Described by many as the slot machine's joker, these are symbols that may substitute for other symbols on the screen, much like a joker in a deck of cards can substitute for any other card. This facilitates the creation of winning combinations.

Winning combination: A correct combination of symbols on a payline that results in a hit.

Zig Zag: This term is used to describe paylines that appear on multi-line slots. Although the traditional slot machine only had one winning line, which ran straight or diagonally across the screen, many modern slot machines have winning lines that can also run criss-cross (zig zag)..

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Congratulations, you made it! After reading this slot machine dictionary and understanding what it all means, you are now fully equipped with all the knowledge you need to venture out into the slot machine world and multiply your money. Not only should slot machine terms give you the confidence you need to get started and show the casino login world your worth, but we at Safe casino login have gone a little further and have even put together a great list of online casino logins where the best you can play on so you can grab the best deals possible and spend as little effort as possible. So arm yourself with all the knowledge we've gotten from us, browse our top list and use our slot dictionary as a sword to fight the casino login beast. In any case, if you listen to us, you will not wake up with regrets tomorrow!