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Slots Rules

Slot Rules: How to Play?

Although the average Jan with the hat will not know, as well as time spent figuring this out, there are different rules and variations of playing the slot machine, and they are miles away from simply throwing a coin into a slot while targeting higher powers, hoping for prosperity and luck. To count yourself among the superior high priests of the slot machines, you need a little more than just luck and determination. If you are willing to delve a little more into it, you will see that there are a lot of variants and possibilities within the slots that you may not even be aware of - which is exactly what we are of Safe. casino login appear on the scene.

Know your machine, choose your strategy! 

slot machine rulesBefore we delve too much into the details of the different slot rules and variants, it doesn't hurt to discuss the different types of machines you may encounter on your quest to become lord and master of the online slots to become. In the past, people were tied to "land based" casino logins and had no choice but to engage their arm muscles and pull the lever that gave the slot machine its nickname "the one-armed bandit"Owes to. Of course, today's online gambling world a true candy store for the avid slot player, but with a large selection comes a great responsibility, and it is important that players put time and energy into mastering their favorite machine and how it pays out. 

In the past people kept their fingers crossed, hoping for a horizontal pattern, but thanks to the evolution of technology and the slot machines themselves, this is by no means always the case. If you have a makes a good choice you can take advantage of horizontal, vertical and even diagonal winnings - it all depends on the game YOU choose! As seasoned champions, who have seen and experienced everything, we know about it Safe. casino login like no other how difficult it is to choose from the endless sea of ​​possibilities. That's why we've put together a list of the best online slot machine games, with the best payout odds, especially for you. So take a look at the list below and start playing right away after reading our tried and true advice!

Slot basics to win practically every time!

In case you've been under a rock for a while, we'll quickly go through the basics. The first fact worth mentioning is that slot games are normally played with chips rather than "real money". These chips are similar to those used in poker and each chip has a certain monetary value assigned to it. Where in a "real", physical, casino login one is unable to determine how much each chip that one has received from the house is worth, this is possible in the world of online games. Players rule the fate of their own chips, and can determine the value they attribute to each chip in their arsenal. Suppose you have the value of a chip at $ 0.25 establishes, means that a 5 chip bet is worth $ 1.25. After you have determined the aforementioned chip value, it is time to determine how much on how many lines you want to bet and bet the same amount for each line. So, if you bet five chips with a value of $ 0.25, as in the example above, and you do this on ten pay lines, the total bet will be $ 12.50. One of the best things about playing slots online is that you are very very low can deploy. You can even bet a few cents per spin and still cover a lot of lines. 

Look for the variation! 

Where the original slot machines worked with real mechanical wheels, which could even be replaced, today even the physical slots run on a huge amount of digital technology. The days of painted pieces of fruit on rusty barrels are long gone, and in their place you'll find colorful, vibrant video screens with a mix of symbols ranging from the ordinary to the downright insane. On top of this, all "physical" machines are equipped with random number generators that determine where the symbols will appear and what kind of winnings are on the different cards or reels.

slot machines ladiesWhen it comes to online slots, the rules are pretty much the same. Not only have online slots become so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between playing in a real casino login or in the comfort of your own home, the online slots are also guaranteed to be just as safe and fair as their physical counterpart by using them making the same kind of random number generator. Ultimately, there are a lot of different types of vending machines to discover, both in physical casino logins and on the worldwide web, although many of the differences are only cosmetic. They may contain different backgrounds or symbols, but the principles followed are the same for almost every game. The variations that can be found online include the following:

Multiplier games 

If you want to double your luck (and your winnings), the multiplier variant of the slots is the choice for you! In multiplier games, the rules are largely identical everywhere and are based on the principle that the more chips you bet, the more you can win (with a maximum that is often 5 chips, although this can be more). It is important to remember that each additional chip increases the amount paid out by a certain factor. Suppose three of the same symbols pay 10 for one chip, the game will pay 50 for five chips bet. That said, depending on the game, the payout can be multiplied by more than just the amount of chips when you bet the maximum amount the game allows..

Multi-line play 

Understanding how traditional slot machines work is dead simple because these old-school machines only pay out when the three symbols in the middle row match, or when you got a special symbol that made you pay out without all three symbols matching. . This system was used in slot machines for a long time until the Multi-Line method was introduced. In a multi-line machine, the top lines, bottom lines and the side lines are also taken into account to determine whether you have won or not, depending on how much money you have bet to activate them. This means that some machines pay out for horizontal, diagonal and square lines, increasing your chances of taking money home a hundredfold. This variation of slot machine is so popular that many people don't even play unless dealing with a multi-line machine!

Progressive slots 

You can find progressive slots in both physical form and online. Progressive slots work in a very special way because they add a small amount of the money you put into a growing pot that grows as more people contribute by playing. The outcome is a massive, hard-to-win jackpot that can sometimes be over a million dollars. In order to play on a progressive slot machine, the player must wager an allotted maximum amount of coins per game (which also applies to all other players participating).

Functions for the future?

slot machine futureIn the past, slot machines didn't come with a manual, and there really weren't any rules to follow - people turned the reels, hoped to win, and went home with either a bag full of cash or empty-handed. But when it comes to the spic-new online versions of the slots, there are a ton of advanced features and capabilities that you should know about before venturing into the slots with an unprecedented passion. If you have read slot machine reviews before and seen terms like 'scatters', 'progressives', 'wild symbols' and 'bonus rounds' without really knowing what this means, this is the article on slot rules and variants. that you need, because we've listed all these game features for you below.

Scatter Symbols

While many players believe that "scatter symbols" are only there to fill up the cash by ALWAYS doubling the winnings, unfortunately for you and for me, this is not always the case. The reality is that while the "scatter" symbols can be used to multiply your winnings, this is not specifically what the term "scatter" implies. So what exactly are those, scatter symbols? Scatter symbols are simply symbols that trigger a certain feature or payout no matter where they appear on the reels, which means that they don't have to appear in a certain uniform order in order to be very profitable for you. In a variety of scatter symbol games, your winnings from that spin double when two "scatters" appear anywhere on the screen. Three scatter symbols will quadruple these winnings, and four scatter symbols will get you nine times the original payout amount. However, not all scatter symbols are created equal, and there are even games on the internet in which scatter symbols unlock a certain bonus game or even a fixed prize that is paid out for a combination of three specific scatter symbols. What you should keep in mind is that the scatter symbols do not say anything explicit about the nature of the prize you will receive, they only indicate that you will receive a prize regardless of where these scatter symbols appear on the screen.. 

The Bonus Game: the infinite gift!

A online slot machine bonus game is a game that you can access when you get the necessary combination. The required combination can range from three "scatter" symbols, to three specific bonus game symbols, or maybe even a particular symbol to appear on a particular wheel. When it comes to playing online bonuses you have to remember that online slots are not the 'normal' machines you can play on, so you need to make sure your slot actually offers bonus games before you put hard cash on the table. . When it comes to bonus games, either the machines have changed the normal reels so that a whole range of other symbols appear, or the normal symbols remain intact but have a different value than normal. On top of these changes, some machines even add extra wheels. That said, it is clear that these kinds of mechanical changes are of course impossible on the advanced video slots as everything is controlled digitally here, so if you want to play a slots bonus game online you should choose this particular game from the list of games.. 

Free Spins

Who doesn't like free stuff? Free spins fall right into this category, if you manage to hit a certain required combination, you will receive a number of free spins or turns that can keep you busy for hours. A bit stingy and looking for even more free spins? Ironically, some combinations payout even higher during the free spins (free-spin mode)! So not only do you win extra spins while playing for free, but if you get additional free spins during the free game you are already playing, they will be added to your current number of spins! 

Wild Symbols: a jungle of its own

If you googled what Wild Symbols are, you'll find everything from modern myths to page-wide descriptions of the origin of this beloved wildcard in the slot machines. For those of us who are still rookies in the slot machine field, a "wild symbol" is the metaphorical joker in the deck and replaces other symbols to help you achieve a thrilling combination. That said, while the wild symbols do indeed appeal to the imagination, they usually cannot be used as a substitute for bonus or scatter symbols, but of course this also differs from game to game, which means you always follow the rules and conditions of the game. Read every game before you get started (this is something we cannot emphasize enough, be it slots or other games). Think carefully about your choice, and you might end up with a series of wild symbols that will earn you a big paycheck.

Slot machine rules and variations - truly for everyone!

While most people will tell you that the basic rule in front of online slots is that there are no rules, our slot machine rules and variations will certainly have debunked some of the myths and false expectations. although slots Considered one of the simplest online casino login options that many say is all about luck and nothing else, we at dairyv.com believe it is for both seasoned gamblers who swear by the 'good oldies' and beginners who just get their toes in the water can only pay off when they study the rules of the specific slot machine they have chosen. We at dairyv.com may not have scouting members on our team, but we believe in one thing above all else and that is: BE PREPARED! As with any important decision that you'll take into your life (and believe me, finding the right casino login and game for yourself to put your hard-earned cash into is certainly one of these lifelong commitments that can make or break your day-to-day existence). Make sure you understand the required stake and check several times whether there might be a higher return to be achieved by betting higher or lower than the amount you had in mind beforehand. Furthermore, it is obvious that you should do your best to understand the characteristics of the game you are playing - you wouldn't buy a jacket without trying it on first, why not apply this to the game you are playing? 

Our final advice; if you have no idea what you're getting into, but would still like to try it out, just play one of our free games until you get the hang of it a little and feel confident enough to try it for the real money and win big . The age-old adage, practice makes perfect, remains proud in almost all casino login-related matters, but the most important thing is of course that you have as much fun as possible during your time at the casino login. Just rules and no fun make us all terribly boring guys, and that's exactly what we don't want, or sometimes?