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18 casino logins where you can use this payment method MasterCard

Do you have a credit card? There is a good chance that if you are at a Dutch bank it has a Mastercard logo on it. You probably know the logo, from advertisements at the Champions League, for example. The card is a blessing for online gamblers, because payment is easy, fast and reliable and you can deposit large amounts in your account.

MasterCard Supported casino logins

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Pay with Mastercard at Online Gambling

We talked about earlier Visa online gambling and online gambling iDeal online gambling. Today we will go into more detail MasterCard online gambling. Mastercard is a company that enables banks worldwide to issue credit cards that run via Mastercard. In other words, the money is debited from your bank and it is facilitated by Mastercard. That may not mean much to you right now, but after reading this article we are sure that you are more enthusiastic than ever to make your payments via Mastercard from now on. In addition, it is also an important advantage that almost all online casino logins nowadays offer the possibility to pay with Mastercard. In this article we will further explain what Mastercard online gambling is about, how it originated, how it works and give you a brief overview of the biggest advantages.! 

What is Mastercard online gambling?

Mastercard online gambling is one of the most reliable ways of gambling online gambling, because your payments are made by, you guessed it, Mastercard. Over the years, this huge company, active in hundreds of countries worldwide, has built a very good reputation in the field of financial services and because of that reputation, which stands for speed and reliability, it is a welcome payment option at the online casino logins. . Certainly in Europe you will have to make a real effort to find an online casino login that does not offer the possibility to make deposits to your account with Mastercard. Credit cards have played a major role in the development of online casino logins and that is no different at Mastercard, especially because of the high amounts that you can put in your account via Mastercard. In addition, Mastercard offers benefits ranging from guarantee on your deposits to clear apps and interest rates. For those fortunate enough to be high roller there is the option to take a card upgrade which will get you a higher one spending limit and can enjoy many more other benefits.

History of Mastercard online gambling

Mastercard saw the light of day, where else than, the United States of America. That was in 1966, under the name Mastercharge. At this time there was already Visa and American Express and Mastercard would quickly develop into a major competitor in the financial market. In 1979 the name was changed to Mastercard. Many credit cards have both the Visa and Mastercard logo, these two logos mean that you can use your card almost anywhere in the world. This collaboration has its origins long ago, when Mastercard and Visa entered into contracts with companies that prohibited them from working with American Express. They have been fined for this. Today Mastercard operates in more than 200 countries, with the majority in the US. The company makes billions in profit and has also invested in the online gambling market has emerged as one of the popular payment options, which is therefore offered everywhere. Since 2000, Mastercard has increasingly focused on the European market, which has resulted in mergers and collaborations with banks, so that we all now have such a well-known red-orange Mastercard logo on our cards. In addition to credit cards, it is also possible to get regular PIN cards from Mastercard.

How Mastercard online gambling works?

First of all you have to choose a certain type of card. You have the Mastercard Classic, a silver-gray card that costs you $ 20 per year. You can set the spending limit yourself, but it has a certain maximum. For the high rollers there is a card like Mastercard Black, this will cost you more per year ($ 204, -) but you can spend up to $ 25,000 per month with this and for those who are well into the weak and like high amounts gambling is a perfect card. You can easily make payments via the payment screen in the online casino login, which will automatically forward you and ensure that the money is in your account in no time. Is it not there, but has it been written off? Then there is the Mastercard Delivery Guarantee, which guarantees failed deposits and ensures that you get the money back properly. For other questions about this, there is a customer service that is available day and night. By connecting Mastercard with ICS, account holders of all types of cards can count on advantageous interest rates on the amounts in their account. The interest rates rise to 1.2% for amounts up to a maximum of 1 million euros. Didn't we already say that Mastercard online gambling is really something for the high rollers among us?

Five advantages of Mastercard online gambling

If you are not yet completely convinced of Mastercard online gambling, or just need a reminder, we have listed five of the biggest advantages of Mastercard online gambling for you: