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Online casino login Welcome Bonus

Guide to your New Welcome Bonus

Many gamblers are eager to get their bonus when they sign up at an online casino login. The welcome bonus is the cream of the crop. Every gambling expert knows that. Are you new to the casino login world and have you never heard of this form of free money? Allow us to tell you exactly where to find these bonuses and how to redeem them. After reviewing our guide, you can choose a casino login from our list at your leisure and start playing today!

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What is an online casino login welcome bonus?

Online casino logins differ from their physical counterparts in several ways. Among other things, by using a wide range of bonuses, intended to attract players. One of the thickest, coolest and tastiest bonuses is the so-called welcome bonus, extremely popular because it allows players to keep playing for longer, which can ultimately lead to a nice profit..

A welcome bonus is one reward for players who register at an online casino login. The bonus amount is added to the play money once a player has signed up and made a deposit. Today, almost every online casino login offers this bonus because casino logins try to distinguish themselves from each other. They compete, outpace each other where possible.

Normally this bonus is awarded after a deposit. Prefer not to immediately transfer money? Then you could opt for the No Deposit Bonus when you create an account.

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Facts About Welcome Bonuses

-       Welcome bonuses are the highest bonuses that casino logins have to offer

-       This bonus is normally only available by creating an account

-       The bonus is awarded as soon as you have added play money to your online casino login account

-       There are several types of welcome bonuses including: Cash Match, Staggerd Cash and Match & Make Your Own Bonus

Why take advantage of a welcome bonus?

You may wonder why we recommend using a welcome bonus at all. For starters, your bankroll is doubled in one fell swoop. As a result, you can continue playing for longer and you have more money to spend. Won and satisfied with the result? Then you can choose to have your winnings paid out. The same goes for the welcome bonus, provided you meet the wagering requirements, which means that you have to wager the bonus amount an x ​​number of times before the casino login pays you out.

Different types of Welcome Bonuses

casino logins offer their players various welcome bonuses. We have listed them for you, so that you can make a careful assessment and know exactly which one suits you best.

Cash Match Bonus

This is perhaps the most commonly offered welcome bonus. If you scour the internet looking for a juicy bonus amount, you will undoubtedly come across the offer in which casino logins advertise with a free play amount. Free of course sounds very magical. In practice it often means something else. There is almost always a catch.

This is also the case in the casino login world: you must first deposit money, then the bonus amount is awarded. Whether you decide to deposit 500, 1,000 or 2,000 euros, the choice is yours. The more you deposit, the higher the bonus amount. In addition to the amount of your deposit, the cash match percentage of the casino login is important.

These percentages vary from casino login to casino login. For example, if you come across a casino login with a cash match percentage of 50%, it could just be that you then find a casino login with a much better percentage of 100%, only to be able to cash out 150% a week later at the competitor..

If you choose to register at the casino login that offers a 100% cash match, you will in practice double your play money. In practice it works like this: you deposit 100 euros and the casino login gives you 100 euros as a present.

Before you start transferring money in a hurry, we recommend that you always read the terms and conditions. That way you avoid disappointments and you know exactly what you can and cannot expect from the casino login. Pay special attention to the paragraph that is reserved for the wagering requirements, because then you know exactly how often you have to play the bonus before you can have it paid out..

Staggered Cash Match Bonus

A staggered cash match bonus earns you one higher bonus percentage when you deposit more money. How that works? Suppose you deposit 50 euros and receive a match bonus of 50%. But if you deposit 100 euros, that gives you a match bonus of 100%. The bonus amount depends on the amount of your deposit. Sometimes the casino login even allows you to make multiple deposits.

Create your own bonus

In addition to the Cash Match Bonus and the Staggered Cash Match Bonus, there is another bonus worth mentioning. While this may be the most lucrative welcome bonus of all, it is currently the least popular of the big three. To receive this bonus, you must deposit a minimum amount that differs per casino login. When you receive this bonus, the casino login allows you to play with a certain amount of play credit for a pre-determined period of time. This free play money allows you to make the most of the time allotted to you. You can keep the money you win. That is your welcome bonus. If luck isn't on your side, and you don't win anything, you don't have to grieve. The casino login often offers you a consolation prize, which means we can speak of a win-win situation.  

Tips for finding and using Online casino login Welcome Bonuses

Read the tips given by the experts at Safe casino login below.

1 - Look for the Best Bonus

The last two decades have taught us a lot. One of the lessons is that online casino logins have become more and more popular over the years. Gamblers who previously traveled to a brick-and-mortar casino login and visited gambling valhallas such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macou, now play from their comfortable living room, reclining in a comfortable chair, laptop on your lap, beer within reach. Online casino logins owe their popularity in large part to the great welcome bonuses. It should come as no surprise to anyone that there are tons of these bonuses to be found on the web. Don't choose the first bonus, learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Shop around patiently and remember that casino logins revise their bonus every so often.

2 - Check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount

Before signing up, we recommend comparing the bonus match percentage of your chosen casino login with the competition. Also, don't forget to check the maximum play amount to be received.

3 - Read the terms and conditions because of the wagering requirements

Once you have received the welcome bonus, you cannot have it paid out immediately. You will first have to meet the wagering requirements. Only when you have done that, and are still on a profit, can you have the amount deposited into your account. Inform yourself in advance and you will know what is expected of you.

4 - Know how much each game counts towards wagering requirements

Playing different games contributes to meeting wagering requirements. Mind you, not every game is the same. Always check how much a particular game contributes to the wagering requirements.

5 - Play with your own money before using the bonus amount

Some online casino logins allow you to play with your own bankroll before using the bonus amount. In certain cases you may win a large amount without ever touching your bonus. That means you can cash out your winnings without having to meet wagering requirements. Note, this differs per casino login. If you have won a large amount, it is recommended that you cash out the amount and leave the bonus as it is.

6 - Check out the Best Bonuses at Safe casino login before signing up at an online casino login

Before you sign up and register, you should check out Safe casino logins list of Best Bonus casino logins. Our experts have reviewed the very best casino logins for you and scrutinized the bonuses. This means you know exactly where you stand if you are considering taking a gamble from behind your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone..

Sign up at an online casino login and redeem the best welcome bonus!

Have you been dreaming of swimming in mountains of money all your life? Then take advantage of the sky-high welcome bonus and immediately receive a taste of a life in wealth, luxury and opulence. What are you waiting for? Grab the best welcome bonus today, start playing, start winning. It could just be that there is a tremendous profit in store for you. All you have to do is choose one of the carefully selected online casino logins. Lots of fun! 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online casino login Welcome Bonus

Not always! Sometimes the conditions of a casino login regarding the bonus are so strict that we should advise against it. Fortunately, at dairyv.com we do not recommend welcome bonuses that are not profitable.

Check out our top list of the best welcome bonuses on this page for more information as the bonuses change frequently and keep increasing!

At most casino logins you don't have to wait for your money. Immediately upon deposit you will receive the bonus into your account.