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The definitive guide to

Online Craps

Table of content
  • How To Play Craps Online
  • Step 1 - The Purpose of Craps
  • Step 2 - Check the Puk or Marker
  • Step 3 - Dice and Pass / Don't Pass line
  • Step 4 - Check the outcome of the throw
  • Step 5 - Additional Betting Round

How To Play Craps Online

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Step 1 - The Purpose of Craps

The purpose of craps is simply to predict the outcome of the dice. Players can predict the outcome of a throw in all kinds of different ways and by making the right prediction you can make a profit. In craps you can bet on other players as well as on the bank. In online casino logins you will find different variants and options for this, but in this guide we discuss the most common variant.

The set-up

At first, the layout of the craps table can seem overwhelming, but once you get the hang of the basics, craps turns out to be a relatively simple game. In craps, players bet on the roll of the die. Two standard dice are used in the game. The 'shooter' is the player who rolls the dice, each player at the table gets one turn to roll the dice. The dice are passed clockwise with each new round.

When a new round of craps begins, the shooter chooses two dice to roll. The shooter must make a new line bet (on the 'pass line' or 'don't pass line'). Other players at the table also bet. The shooter starts the round by rolling the die off the opposite wall of the table. The first roll of the shooter is known as the come-out roll.

In the digital version of the online casino logins, the process is usually the same, except that real dice are missing. The overview of the craps table seems a bit difficult to find at first, but all the different bets come down to the outcome of the dice. You can make the big distinction between total scores and specific outcomes. For example, you can bet on the total with come and don't come or pass and don't pass. Other bets deal with the specific outcome of the dice, such as whether or not one is rolled. Below we explain step by step how the game works.

Step 2 - Check the Puk or Marker

When you see that the “bet marker” is set to “on”, it means that a game is already in progress at that time and you cannot participate immediately. If you play the digital variant in an online casino login, this is sometimes present when you play with other players or join a live craps table. The marker also affects what the outcome of the dice means in online craps. For example, with the bet marker on “off” a 7 is positive because you win immediately. When the marker is “on”, the 7 is negative because the game ends immediately and the house wins.

Step 3 - Dice and Pass / Don't Pass line

At the start of each new round, one of the players may select the dice to be rolled and then bet on the “pass line” or the “Don't pass line”. When you bet on pass, you win when the shooter (the person who throws) wins and you lose when the shooter loses. If you bet on don't pass, you play against the person who rolls the dice. In an online casino login this does not make a big difference but if you start playing with other players it can sometimes become a bit unpleasant when you play against another player instead of the casino login.

Step 4 - Check the outcome of the throw

On the first roll, you can already win immediately, for example if you have bet on the pass line and a seven or an eleven is rolled, you will get your bet back double! When another number is rolled, the betting puck lands on that number, recognizable by the “on” side that is then facing up. Exception: When a two, three or twelve is rolled, all bets on the pass line are lost.

Step 5 - Additional Betting Round

If no 7 or 11 is rolled, you can make an extra bet on top of your first bet. The purpose of the bet is to bet extra money that the same number will be rolled again. If the first number is rolled again, your first bet will be tripled and the second bet will also be tripled! This round can escalate fairly quickly as you need to place even more confidence on your previous bet. If it ultimately works to your advantage or to your disadvantage, you will notice the consequences even more when you bet extra.

Step 6 - The results

This is where craps is an exceptional game, as the shooter may keep throwing as long as he wins (rolls the same number) or no seven is rolled. It may be different combinations, so when rolling an eight, two times the four as well as a six and a two are winning outcomes. In the event of a loss (rolling a seven), the betting puck is turned “off” and the next round begins. The result round is also always a good point to see how you are doing in the game and how you want to play for the coming rounds..

More about Online Craps

Other bets

In addition to the pass and don't pass lines, you can also bet on other outcomes such as the "come / don't come" bets. A come bet wins when the puk and betting line is set and a seven or eleven is rolled. Don't win come bets at one, two or three and tie at twelve. If a number other than two, three or twelve is rolled, the bet changes, your bet means that the seven is rolled before the number on the pass line.

To make it even more specific and exciting, you can even bet on specific outcomes of the dice. For example, a known person is the total of ten with two dice of five. Please note, these bets pay out very well but are also quite rare, so there is a good chance of losing your money here!


In online craps you will encounter a lot of different betting options at the online casino logins. For example, you have betting options that limit the house edge, but there are also bets known as "sucker bets" because they can make you lose a lot of money in the long run..

There is not going to be another game that places as much importance on knowing your odds as craps. The casino login relies on the fact that many people will take popular bets on the playing field and not consider that they are actually bad bets. Fortunately, some online casino logins show the odds of winning in percentages as a guide. There are no real strategies for the bets themselves, because the outcome depends on luck. Well you can using strategies for the size of your bet such as the Martingale or other progressive strategies, for more information check out our dedicated guide here!

Latest advice - Money Management

Due to the nature of craps, you can win or lose money very quickly. The people who don't keep an eye on their money will lose their bankroll much faster than others and the fun will soon be over. There is always something to bet on in craps. Even if you avoid the risky proposition bets, you can still place a come bet or bet on a specific number. In addition, the rounds in craps seem to be endless in contrast to other games. The action continues until the pitcher rolls the seven.

To you money therefore, you have to make a decision about how much to bet on each throw. Remember that you must place odds bets behind your pass line or come bets to play correctly, so put money aside for this as well. Some players quickly bet too much money, leaving them with nothing left for subsequent rounds to make even more profit or to reclaim losses..