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The definitive guide to

Online Keno

Table of content
  • How To Play Online Keno
  • Step 1 - Keno, the object of the game
  • Step 2 - Choose an online Keno game
  • Step 3 - Determine your bet
  • Step 4 - Choose your numbers
  • Step 5 - How often do you want to play

How To Play Online Keno

If you're looking for a simple step-by-step game guide to online keno, you've come to the right place. Keno is a lottery style game of chance that is very exciting to play. The aim of the game is to match your numbers with the winning numbers, much like in a bingo game. You will then be paid based on how many numbers you have matched.

Online Keno has many variations, but they are all basically the same. This game has an age-old tradition in many countries and with its online variants is again becoming extremely popular. 

In this game guide, our online keno experts discuss everything you need to know about playing keno online; with a step-by-step guide on how to play keno online and tips to increase your chances of winning when playing keno online. Find out more with our quick guide below!

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Step 1 - Keno, the object of the game

Keno's purpose is simple, yet slightly more complex than comparable games such as bingo. You, as a player, choose between 1 and 15 numbers (above 10 numbers can only be found at online casino logins). Of the 80 available numbers on the board, 20 are randomly drawn and if enough of your chosen numbers match the numbers drawn you win. 

How many numbers you choose determines how many numbers must match in order to reach a winning ticket. Take, for example, the difference between choosing 5 numbers and 10 numbers.


  • You choose 5 numbers from the entire board. To win, 3 of the 5 chosen numbers must be drawn. 

  • But if you pick 10 numbers, at least 5 numbers must be drawn before you get paid.

Each type of Keno game has slightly different rules and different payout structures, always read the explanation with your game in case it is unknown to you.

What does a Keno game look like?

When you open a keno game, you are greeted with a bingo-like grid full of numbers. We will only discuss the 80-number variant of Keno, the most common. At the bottom you will find the standard buttons that indicate how much you can bet, how often you want to play, the “play” button and further options. Side by side with the Keno board you'll find the game's payout table, which adjusts as you pick out more numbers. Online Keno comes in simple sleek design as well as more exciting and visually attractive designs. Think of how slots each have their own theme, online Keno games also have their unique designs.

Step 2 - Choose an online Keno game

The first step would be to choose an online casino login to play. As many online gamblers know, there are many options available to you, so decide which online casino login works best for you and check if they have online Keno available to play for real money. Check the casino login's selection of online keno variants, each of which has slightly different rules, before signing up to the casino login. 

Be careful when choosing an online casino login. If you're not sure where to get a reliable online casino login with keno, take a look at our top lists, where all online casino logins have been rigorously tested by our experts and security is guaranteed.

Step 3 - Determine your bet

Before we get started with the numbers, it is useful to determine what your bet will be. The amount you can bet depends on the casino login where you play and can vary greatly from online casino login to online casino login. Usually there is a minimum of around $ 0.50 cents, rising to an amount of $ 10 per bet. Click on the plus or minus next to the current bet to change it. Choose carefully, as it can take a long time to bring in a large loot. If you bet too high, you may run out of money before this happens.

Step 4 - Choose your numbers

We have arrived at the most important step for online keno. Now the game element of keno really starts. Once you've decided how much to bet, it's time to pick out your numbers. In practically all versions of online keno you can bet on 1 to a maximum of 10 numbers per bet. Some exceptions to the rule let you play up to 15 numbers per bet. 

  • Click on the numbers to select them, a mark will be visible.

  • Click the number again to deselect, the mark will fade.

The choice of songs is entirely up to you. There are no recommendations for choosing the specific numbers as each result is selected completely randomly. A so-called RNG (Random Number Generator) determines what the outcome will be. This software does not remember what the previous numbers were, so no predictions can be made as to the next outcome.

How many songs should you play?

However, what we can advise you in is the number of songs you select. The payouts you can get increase as you bet on more numbers. At the same time, the minimum number of numbers required for a winning ticket will also increase. To make it clear, we give an example:

Suppose you choose 4 songs. How much you win depends on how many numbers match those 4 chosen numbers. An average payout table looks like this:

  • Hit 0 or 1 number and you win nothing

  • Hit 2 numbers and you win your bet back

  • 3 numbers match and you win 5 times your bet

  • Hit all four? Win 40 times your stake!

Against this, we put the choice for 6 numbers:

  • Hit 0,1 or 2 numbers and you don't win anything

  • Hit 3 numbers for a win of twice your stake

  • 4 numbers for 5 times your stake

  • 5 for 49

  • All six? Then you get 1000 times your stake!

As you can see, the risk is higher with higher numbers, but there is also a chance of much higher prizes. Decide what makes you feel good, the most important thing is that you have fun playing Keno online.

Step 5 - How often do you want to play

After making your choice of numbers, you can choose to play a single round or five consecutive rounds by pressing one of the “Play One” and “Play Five” buttons respectively..

Realize that once you have started several rounds, you cannot reconsider your decision. So always think before you start several rounds in a row. All the choices, from the numbers to the bet to the number of rounds you want to play is entirely up to you. 

There is now only one step between you and the great winnings you can make in this great game!

Step 6 - Drop the balls

As soon as you press “Play” the balls will be drawn. There is no other option than to wait anxiously until all 20 balls with the numbers have been shown. 1 by 1 you will see special markers on the screen for the balls that have already been drawn. After the 20th ball, the numbers corresponding to your choice will light up or flash. A notification will appear on your screen if enough balls have fallen on your choice, this notification also immediately indicates how much you have won. In online keno, it's important to strike a balance between waiting for that one big prize and stopping when you've won or lost a certain amount of money. You now know all the steps to become a keno expert in no time, make the best use of them!

More about Keno Online

Live Keno, the newest form of Keno

If you are more familiar with the traditional performance of Keno, live keno is a great option for you. What you decide for yourself in online Keno when the balls roll is live keno just a little bit different. Every 3 to 5 minutes the new draw is performed live in front of your eyes. So you have plenty of time to choose your favorite numbers before the draw takes place. An additional advantage is that in the live stream a person does the draw. Despite being completely trustworthy, some players are uncomfortable with online Keno, where there are no real balls, but the software does all the work. Live Keno gives that old-fashioned feel of a real lottery, with the added benefit of going much faster.

Online Keno strategy

Keno has a bad reputation for not showing a great RTP (Return To Player Percentage). Some Keno games in land-based casino logins have an RTP as low as 75%, one of the lowest percentages of all casino login games. Fortunately, this is a completely different story with online Keno. RTPs above 90% are not unknown here and with the right strategy you can make a lot of money!

The correct strategy is in the number of numbers you choose. An average RTP has been calculated for each choice. This average depends on the probability of a payout versus the size of the payouts. Theoretically, the averages for an online Keno board with 10 numbers are as follows:

  • 1 number: 75%

  • 2 songs: 92.10%

  • 3 numbers: 90.19%

  • 4 songs: 89.02%

  • 5 numbers: 86.08%

  • 6 songs: 93.79%

  • 7 songs: 93.61%

  • 8 songs: 92.94%

  • 9 songs: 93.49%

  • 10 songs: 90.82%

As you can see, the highest RTP is in the 6 numbers choice. Realize that this is the average, not all online Keno games will follow this. Fortunately, you can now find such an average RTP list for practically every online Keno game.

Final advice

Online Keno is a great game for simple gambling, relaxing and enjoying the show. It is a simple game that is easy to learn and based purely on luck which also makes it attractive as there are not as many rules to learn as other games.

With this step by step guide you are optimally prepared to play Keno online. Review our list of the very best online casino logins for online Keno, including extensive reviews of each of the online casino logins. 

Keep an eye on your budget while playing Keno online. Limit your bet if you have little money at your disposal. This way you can play as long as possible and you have as much chance as possible for a huge prize!