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Privacy Policy

Safe casino login Privacy

Safe casino login respects your privacy. All information collected through this website is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed. Any information you provide to Safe casino login will be treated with the utmost care and will not be used in a way that you did not agree with.

   Resale or Disclosure to Third Parties: 
Safe casino login does not sell, rent, trade, borrow or lease any personal information collected on our site, including membership forms and email lists.

   Browser information collected on the website: 
Safe casino login analyzes the website logs to improve the value of the material available on the website. Our website logs are not personally identifiable and we do not attempt to associate them with the individuals who actually browse the site

   Ads: We currently have ads through an internal program that follows those privacy guidelines.

   Use of Cookies: Safe casino login uses cookies on its website, usually to track traffic coming from other websites and going to other websites. With the cookies we do not try to link them with the individuals in order to make all information personally identifiable.

   Updates and changes: 
Safe casino login reserves the right to replace this Privacy Policy at any time. We suggest that you regularly check Privacy Policy. We currently have contracts with several online partners to help us manage and optimize our Internet business and communications. We use the services of a marketing company to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and how visitors use our site. To do this, we use web beacons and cookies on this site provided by our marketing company. The type of information we collect includes information entered into forms by our visitors, the pages visited, etc. By supplementing our files, this information helps us figure out which pages are most attractive to our visitors, which of our products are of most interest to our customers, and which offers our customers would like to see. Although our marketing company records the information that comes from our site to our advantage, we monitor how much data can and cannot be used. If you don't want to help us learn how to improve our site, products, offerings and marketing strategy, you can opt-out of our ability to analyze that date by clicking here.

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