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Do you have a gambling problem?

In this article, we will discuss the most common signs of a gambling problem and what you can do to take action and find the right way out.

Lots of fun things have an addiction risk. Wine, tobacco, food, shopping - the list is endless. Gambling is such a thing, and because the Internet has addictive powers in itself, online gambling is a real killer in this area..

You probably know if you are addictive if you tend to do things you enjoy too often. If you eat more than you should, if you wake up from a lavish shopping session with immense guilt, if wine bottles seem to be getting smaller and smaller, then you should probably pay attention.

When is your gambling behavior problematic??

There are a number of behaviors that can indicate a gambling addiction. Read this list carefully and see how many apply to you. If your behavior fits several of these descriptions, then you may have a real problem. It's best to be honest about this, at least with yourself.

Risk behavior

See how many of these behaviors you recognize in yourself. You:

  • Spends more money on gambling than you planned.
  • Are easily irritated if something disturbs you while you are gambling.
  • Chases your losses, trying to reclaim the money you lost.
  • Loses your sense of time and keeps playing longer than you planned.
  • Lies to people close to you.
  • Does not stop when you have a profit, but continues to gamble until you run out of money.
  • Strongly believes that you are going to make big profits.
  • Thinks you lose because you didn't play well enough.
  • Spend more and more time gambling and think more about gambling
  • Play for more money to experience the same excitement.
  • Spend more on gambling than you tell your friends.
  • Gambling is preferable to family, friends or work.

Denial is half the problem

Developing a gambling problem is not an active choice. Addiction arises unconsciously; we can't hit it directly with our willpower. Simply wanting to gamble less is probably not enough. Only when you admit that you have a problem will you find the strength you need to really deal with it. Try to say it out loud to yourself. "I have a gambling problem." Check out how you feel below.

You are not alone

There are people who understand how you feel and who can really help you. Human psychology is what that is - we all work in much the same way. For example, you can probably find a group of anonymous gamblers near you. Pick up the phone and have a chat. It can really change your life.

casino logins and poker rooms on the internet often allow you to set spending limits for your gambling. You can ask these sites to block your user account to make sure you give in to temptation during a moment of weakness.

This is very useful and highly recommended! For more information, visit one of the websites and foundations below. There they can help you solve any gambling problems. 

It is very important to involve people and to ensure that you are not alone. Think of your friends or family, they are willing and able to help you with all their love. So don't be stupid and get the help you need to get rid of any addictions you might have.

Our References

Below you will find a list with the details of people and authorities who know what they are talking about:

  • AGOG Netherlands Foundation (Gamblers Anonymous Area Gamblers)
  • P.O. Box 45
  • 5604 EA Eindhoven
  • Telephone: 0900 2177721 - 0.10 e.p.m
  • website: www.agog.nl
  • e-mail: [email protected]

Prevention Foundation

  • Visiting address: Pelmolen 8 3994 XZ Houten
  • Postal address: PO Box 91 3990 DB Houten
  • Telephone: 030 - 63 73 144
  • website: www.voorkom.nl
  • e-mail: [email protected]

Jellinek Prevention and Consultancy

  • Vlaardingenlaan 5
  • Box 3907
  • 1001 AS Amsterdam
  • Telephone 020 - 408 77 77
  • website: www.jellinek.nl

Playing a game is fun, but don't risk your life!

We hope you take our advice seriously and think carefully about the consequences of gambling online or offline. 

In addition to that, it goes without saying that all casino logins offered on dairyv.com have been tested by our experts and have received approval. For the best online casino logins you will also find an icon at the beginning of the review indicating that we highly recommend that casino login. If you have problems with a casino login, please contact us quickly.

After reading this page, we hope to have informed you sufficiently so that you can play at an online casino login with full confidence and achieve big winnings. Whatever game you play at Safe casino login you can find all the explanations, strategy and tips to improve your bank account. We are always ready to help you if you cannot figure it out yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. One of our enthusiastic team members will then contact you directly and solve your problems immediately. Furthermore, we wish you a lot of luck and pleasure. 


The most important thing to take with you from this article is that you are not alone when you have a gambling problem. There are many others who also suffer from it. So get help quickly and don't delay. Read carefully when you have a gambling problem, for example you can read this under Risk behavior. There it is well stated what exactly falls under a gambling problem. If you recognize any of these symptoms, or even know that someone close to you is experiencing it, it is best to notify one of the foundations, and or to let the person's parents know what is going on. Always assume that the person himself would not come up with it so quickly. And it will always deny. He or she will be very grateful to you later when you have managed to reduce the addiction. Maybe the person is very angry with you at first, but that will come to an end later. It is extremely important to only gamble when you have the space for it, and do not see it as extra income or income. It just has to be for fun and nothing else. You cannot live off it, and certainly do not believe everything you see on TV. People who just play poker or gamble and earn their money. It's not always the way it looks.