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Roulette Strategy

Covering the table, or covering the table. It has a magical ring to it, don't you think? The moment you put the chips on the table you will probably hear the ringing of euro coins and the sound of angels trumpeting in your ears. The whole table is covered, so how on earth can you lose it? When it comes to this roulette strategy, we unfortunately have to tell you that covering the entire table with chips does not automatically mean that you are actually going to win.

Cover the roulette table Strategy

Some roulette players consider it a cunning move to cover the entire table with an enormous amount of bets. Unfortunately, such an approach cannot compete with all the possible outcomes of the roulette wheel. Because once the roulette wheel is spun, no one knows what's going to happen. of course, you can have a fun time every time the wheel spins amount to win. To be honest, it is almost impossible not to win anything. But those amounts do not outweigh the comparatively much higher losses. Because you will lose if you cover the table from head to toe with your chips every turn. Allow us to give an example. If a player bets on red, black and the 0 at the same time (when we play American Roulette), he will undoubtedly win. There is no other way. Over and over again. But he will just as well keep on losing. If you would nevertheless like to use this roulette strategy, you would do well to read the tips below. Who knows, you might have all the luck in the world!

Cover the table by betting on 35 numbers

Many players view betting on 35 numbers as too risky. If you want to apply the Covering the table strategy, this variant is the very last option. How do you apply this roulette strategy? Suppose you put a dollar on each of the 35 numbers. Then you win more than you lose. The problem with this strategy is that a profit makes you $ 1, while you lose $ 35 at a time. To walk off the table satisfied you will have to win 36 times to make up for a defeat. Let's face it, of course nobody will be able to do that. Unless Lady Luck has a crush on you.

Cover the table by splitting

For the gamblers who have lived under a rock, without light, food and internet: you split by betting on two adjacent numbers. If you do that 17 times, you cover 34 numbers, one less than 35. The big advantage of this variant is that the player only bets 17 dollars in total, but still covered 34 numbers, which still gives a profit of 1 dollar. That is, if the roulette wheel cooperates.

Cover the table by betting on the streets

Betting on a street means that you are placing a bet on 3 numbers, which can be found on the 'street' part of the roulette table (the outer line of the row you want to bet on [1,2,3 is a street, 4,5,6 the next and so on to 34,35,36]). You cover 33 numbers by betting on 11 streets at the same time.

Cover the table by betting on 5 double streets

The double street is better known as the six-line, a block of six numbers where two streets meet. By betting on five six lines, you cover 30 numbers. Bet $ 5 to win 6.

Cover the table by betting on numbers 1-18 and the third dozen

This aspect of the cover the table strategy is simple. Despite the complicated title, the rules are very easy to learn, even for players with little experience in roulette. If you use this variant you have to bet $ 3 on 1-18 and $ 2 on the last dozen. By covering the table in this way you have a total of 30 numbers that can give you a profit. Quite a number. That said, you can reverse this method at any time, for example by betting on the first dozen and the numbers 19-36. In that respect, it is just how it suits you. You are the player, you decide! Point by point, this betting method does not differ very much from betting on the six-line. In either case, you bet $ 5 to win $ 6. Both variations cover the same number of numbers (30) on the roulette table.

Set the table with 4 splits and 2 columns

The final method of covering the roulette table is the 4 splits and 2 columns strategy. An interesting strategy that we didn't want to keep from you before you start playing in one of the online casino logins. As you might have expected, this strategy also covers a significant portion of the table. Thanks to this system, players can bet $ 5 on one of the two chosen columns and then make dozens of different splits in the column that is not covered. How and when you apply this strategy is completely up to you. The following also applies here: you play, you decide. It will bring in a dollar profit each time one of your chosen columns houses a winning number. You even catch $ 4 if you win a split.

Set the roulette table and with a little luck you will win big!

Roulette is, of course, a game of chance. We all know that. There comes a good luck look at it. You just want to nudge happiness in the right direction. There's nothing wrong with that. Therefore, learn from the above strategies and apply them in one of our great online casino logins selected by us. Safe casino login has only selected the very best roulette casino logins for you. Fun guaranteed! Gone are the days when you crawl out of your tablet in frustration and just give up the search for the best casino login bonus out of misery. Pour yourself a good glass of wine, sit back, relax and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!