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Roulette Terms

Apart from the fact that roulette seems to be a simple game where luck is the guiding factor over the roulette wheel, it is very important to become familiar with the common words of the sometimes difficult to understand roulette game so that you can fully keep up with everything is called around you, in order to become the ultimate roulette champion that people take into account. The following roulette terms have been created by our Safe casino login team of experts, who have a wealth of experience with this great game:

All Roulette Concepts Explained:

American Roulette: Not like with European roulette, which you will hear a lot about later, this version of roulette has no less than 38 squares. These squares consist of the numbers 1-36, along with a 0 and a double 0. American roulette gives a higher house edge than the European version..

Backtrack: The outer ring of the wheel where the ball shoots over.

Bet on the Layout: A bet placed on the part with the numbers on the roulette table.

Biased Numbers: A roulette term that everyone should know, this refers to the numbers on the wheel that, based on statistics, have shown to top more often than other numbers, based on long-term analysis. There are many stories and myths about players who made a lot of money at the roulette table because of the use of these numbers.

Black Bet: This term is used to indicate that a bet has been placed on the next number being black.

Bottom Track: This is the inner ring of the roulette wheel that remains stationary when the wheel is spun. The roulette ball falls into the bottom track before it bounces and lands in a box.

Carre: A French roulette term referring to a Corner Bet (see Corner Bet to learn more about this term).

Chameleon Strategy: A roulette term used to describe a player who imitates the strategy of other players at the table who are doing well in order to win more.

Check Rack: This refers to the bin where the casino login chips are located.

Cheval: A French roulette term referring to a Spill Bet. (see Spill Bet to learn more about this term).

Colonne: A French roulette term referring to a Column Bet. (see Column Bet to learn more about this term).

Column Bet: When a bet is placed on one of the three available columns (each consisting of 12 numbers). This one pays out two to one.

Combination Bet: Any bet where one or more chips are placed on multiple numbers.

Corner Bet: A bet where you bet on one of the four numbers with the corners under the chip that wins.

Croupier: Also called a dealer, a croupier is a more formal term for the casino login employee who takes care of all matters at the roulette table.

Dozen Bet: This bet can be wagered on one of three possible groups of 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. This bet pays 2 to 1.

Double Zero: This refers to the box where the double 0 is located, only found on the American roulette wheels. These wheels are therefore also known as "double zero" wheels.

Double Up System of Betting: This refers to a system where the player doubles his bet after a loss to reclaim the money he or she lost on the previous bet.

En Square: A French roulette term referring to a Straight Up Bet. (see Straight Up Bet to learn more about this term).

And Prison: This French term literally means "in prison" and applies only to players who place bets that pay 1 to 1. If a 0 is then hit, some online casino logins allow the player to take back half his bet or leave the whole bet for another spin. If there is a 0 again on the next round, the entire bet is lost.

European Roulette: This is the original version of roulette and also the most common in European and Asian casino logins. In European Roulette there is only a 0 in front of the wheel, which means that the house edge is lower than with the American version of this beautiful game.

Even Money: Refers to bets that pay out 1 to 1.

Five Number Bet: Probably the worst possible bet you can make on an American roulette wheel as the player bets on hitting 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3.

High Bet: With this bet you bet that the ball will land on the numbers 19 to 36.

Inside Bet: A bet placed on the numbered area of ​​the roulette table. These bets cover individual numbers and small groups of numbers only, and pay quite high. The opposite of this bet is the outside bet.

La Partage: Similar to the aforementioned En Prison rule, where a player loses half their bet and is not given the option to lock their bet for another round. La Partage is used for the outside bets that pay out 1 to 1: Red / Black, High / Low, Odd / Even and also if the result is 0.

Line Bet: Refers to a bet that players can place where they bet that one of the six numbers, consisting of two rows of three numbers, will win.

Low Bet: If a player bets that a number between 1 and 18 wins.

Marker: The marker is the object used by a croupier to clearly indicate which number has won. Players cannot place new bets for the next round until the dealer clears the marker from the table.

Orphans: This term is mainly used in European casino logins, and refers to a bet on three specific numbers: 6, 17 and 34. These numbers are next to each other on the roulette wheel.

Orphelins: This term is also widely used in European casino logins, the "orphelin bet" is one where you bet on a specific group of numbers on a section of the roulette wheel, where the numbers are on top of each other..

Outside Bets: Here the player bets on the outer part of the roulette table. These bets often cover larger parts of the roulette wheel and pay out much lower.

Pockets: This roulette term is used to indicate the boxes where the ball on the roulette wheel could possibly land in. Each box has its own number, from 1-36 and there is a box with 0 (and a 00 on the American roulette wheel). Half of the boxes are red, the other half is black, and the zeros are green.

Mini Roulette: Played in some online casino logins, there is a smaller wheel consisting of only 13 numbers (0-12) instead of the normal number. Payouts have also been adjusted accordingly. In many Mini Roulette games, half of all losses are returned when a 0 is rolled.

No Action: If the dealer announces this during a spin, all bets are canceled and the casino login starts over. Bets can therefore be removed when this is announced.

Parlay: This term is used to indicate that a bet is doubled after a win.

Red Bet: This refers to an outside bet that pays 2 to 1, where a player bets that a red number will be turned over the next round.

Six Line: This refers to a bet where two rows of numbers (a total of six numbers) can win. This often pays out 5 to 1.

Split: This term refers to a bet covering two numbers on the roulette, often indicated by placing a chip on the line between the two numbers. This often pays out 17 to 1.

Straight Up Bet: This term refers to a bet where a bet is placed on a number, indicated by the player betting his chips on that one specific number. This bet usually pays out 35 to 1.

Street: This term refers to a bet placed on a row of three numbers on the roulette table, made by placing chips on the side of that row. This usually pays out 11 to 1.

Transverse: The French term for Street Bet.

Trio Bet: This is the same bet as the aforementioned Street Bet. With this bet, you bet that one of the three numbers you have chosen will be spun.

Visual Wheel Tracking: This is the term used to describe the process of following the ball on the wheel as it is spun to predict where it will land.

Voisins du Zero: A French term used mainly in European casino logins to describe a bet placed on a certain group of numbers adjacent to the roulette wheel. If you translated the word "voisins" literally, it would mean "neighbors.".

Zero: This refers to the bet where you bet that a 0 will be turned. All roulette wheels have a single 0 box, with American roulette there is also a box next to it with a double 0.

Now you know how to play Roulette thanks to the most comprehensive list of Roulette terms on the net.

You have read all the roulette terms and we hope you have understood what they mean. Now you probably also have a better idea of ​​what is happening around you at the table and you are ready for the fantastic casino login toplist that we have put together on our site. We do not offer you bonuses, unlike many other online casino logins, without any further obligations. We only offer you the best deals. So relax with a nice cold drink or maybe even a glass of wine and get ready for the most special roulette experiences on the internet!