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Slotwolf casino login
150% match bonus up to $ 150
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Regular bonus: $ 450
Excluding regular bonus match: 150%
Regular bonus match: 100%
With first deposit:
150% match bonus up to $ 150
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Payment Information 14 Deposit options available
Rapid Transfer
14 Recording options
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Customer service
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Pros and cons
Wolfpack Bonus
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Huge range of games

Outdated corporate identity
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Slotwolf Review

Slotwolf casino login has been online since 2019.

Discover the games, payment methods and the pros and cons of Slotwolf

The following points are addressed in this review:

  • Reliability of Slotwolf casino login

  • The different games available

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Slotwolf casino login

Payment options

You will not be able to imagine it as crazy or Slotwolf will have the payment option available in the options. If it is one thing that Slotwolf does not lack, it is the choice of different payment methods at the online casino login. There are too many to list them all, but the most popular payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, Skrill and of course iDeal for us Dutch are not missing. 

In addition to the giants of the industry, there are also smaller companies that are growing in the meantime, such as payment methods from iDebit, Zimpler and Trustly. For almost all payment methods, a minimum amount of $ 20 and a maximum amount of $ 4000 per deposit applies. When withdrawing money, the limits are much the same. The only difference you have to take into account is that not all payment methods are available with which you could deposit your money. If this is an important point for you, pay close attention to the availability of the withdrawal methods.

Customer service

Unfortunately, we cannot be very positive about Slotwolf in terms of customer service. It's already clear when you take a look below the FAQ link that not much time and thought has gone into this area of ​​the business. If you want to contact Slotwolf customer service directly, you have to use the email form on the website. Nowadays it is more and more common for online casino logins to have an active customer service that can often be contacted directly via chat or even by telephone. Slotwolf does offer chat support when you are logged in, but from the outside you stick to the email form. In addition to the chat, the response time is pretty good when you contact us via the form and you often receive a reply to your message with a day.


Slotwolf aims to make your visit to the online casino login as fun as possible and that is why it has partnerships with several different organizations that offer support if things threaten to go in the wrong direction. Slotwolf's main partners are gamblers anonymous, gambling therapy, gamcare and gamanon. These organizations can support you if you feel that playing is no longer just for fun or if you spend more money on it than you would like.

The organizations differ in the way they can support you: from simple question and answer information and e-mail contact to extensive support in person and group session. Whatever problem you may have, these organizations are there for you. Slotwolf itself of course also has the option to help you directly by, for example, accepting a maximum amount of deposits or only making your account available for a certain time per day..


At Slotwolf, reliability is of paramount importance and as an online casino login they do everything they can to ensure that the games are fair and safe. Slotwolf uses a 128-bit SSL encryption provided by cloudfare. This level of encryption makes it extremely difficult for wrong parties to intercept payment information. Your account details and other information are locked with the same system, so you can rest assured that only you and Slotwolf can access the information when needed.

In addition to the security of the website itself and all games that take place there, Slotwolf is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Malta Gaming Authority is the largest and most trusted inspector of online casino logins in Europe and even the world. Regular tests and inspections by the Malta Gaming Authority ensure that all games are conducted fairly and that payments are made properly. So you are in the right place at Slotwolf for both money and general safety.


When you land on the home page of Slotwolf, the house style immediately stands out. To be fair, the style is not like all other online casino logins, it is a very recognizable style but you have to love it. However, the interface itself is one of the better when you consider the other online casino logins. What Slotwolf is particularly positive about is that the entire website scales very well to mobile devices. Whether you want to play from a small phone, a tablet or just from your computer, you can assume that you have a good gaming experience at Slotwolf.

One of the advantages of the interface is that you can search and filter for which game you want to play very quickly and easily. This is of course also possible with the enormous range of games that Slotwolf has, but other online casino logins can still learn a lot from this. With just a few clicks and possibly a search term you will arrive at your favorite online casino login game.

Wolfpack theme

The name already gives it away, of course, but everywhere in the online casino login you come across the mascot and the symbol of Slotwolf: the wolf. From this theme there is a lot to discover on the website, whether it is the wolves who are at your service to help you or the jackpots, many things will be dressed in a wolf sauce. Even the VIP program is called “the wolfpack” where the different levels are named after the positions of a wolf within its pack. If you are a fan of wolves, you will love this theme and the accompanying easter eggs. It is worth exploring the online casino login extensively as there are fun surprises and benefits waiting for you, all in the wolf theme.

The Game Options

Although Slotwolf is of course known for its huge range of online online slots, a multiple of most online casino logins, there are also other options for winning money. Slotwolf offers jackpots and also live casino login games as part of their online casino login.

Video slot machine

It may be clear in the meantime, if Slotwolf excels at something, it is the enormous range of online slots that is offered. The variety that you can find in the more than 4000 (yes you read that right, four thousand) options will ensure that you will not be bored for a moment. Due to the large number of different games, there is something for every player. You can think of the most simple online slot games such as Viva Las Vegas, but also the games with more challenging graphics are not lacking. Popular games like Valley of The Gods, Sakura Fortune and of course the house favorite Wolf Gold are on hand to play.


At Slotwolf, the jackpots can be found in all shapes and sizes and it depends entirely on your playing style which will provide the most fun. For example, there are various online slots that have already built in their own jackpot from within the game itself. Most of these jackpots pay out fairly often, but then it concerns smaller amounts of a few hundred to a few thousand euros. These are of course nice amounts to win, but they are nothing compared to the mega jackpots that are present at Slotwolf.

For example, one of the largest jackpots is the Wheel of Wishes where the jackpot can easily exceed two million euros. Another popular jackpot is the Reel of Wealth where winnings can be found in the comfortable hundreds of thousands. Whether you go for the big jackpots or just want to grab that extra thousand, here too you will not be disappointed with the offer of Slotwolf.

Live games

The live casino login games here with us still remain the big favorite of all casino login games that you can choose. These games bring the charm of the offline casino logins in Las Vegas directly to you through your mobile or computer. Some advantages such as automatic bets and flashy graphics are sometimes missing in contrast to online slots, but the advantages make that worth it for us. For example, contact with the dealers is always nice through the chat and in the end nothing beats the cards that are drawn live in front of you. The anticipation and tension that you experience with, for example, the roulette ball spinning, bouncing and falling on the roulette wheel is nowhere else to be found with the digital variants. Enjoy a wide range of things at Slotwolf blackjack and roulette and don't forget to tip the dealer when you win.

Game providers

If you have been in the online casino login world for a while, you may have noticed that some games can be found at multiple online casino logins. If you have looked even further at the similarities, you may have found for yourself that there are a few large parties that develop the online casino login games. For the real veteran, there may even be a developer favorite because of the game type the developers work with or certain bonus structures or drawing style within a game.. 

Because Slotwolf is so ridiculously large, you will also find most of these developers in the online casino login. Think of big names such as Netent and iSoftbet who have been making the top games in online casino logins for years. Due to the constantly growing range of online slots, you will also find some newer and smaller developers at Slotwolf such as Yggdrasil and Red Tiger Gaming. Be sure to take a look at the website for the complete overview of developers what Slotwolf offers.


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Pros and cons

By now you are probably already well aware of the different options that the Slotwolf Online casino login offers and the possibilities when you choose to play there. Here for you once again the most important advantages and disadvantages at a glance.


  • Huge Game Range - This is probably one of the best things about playing at Slotwolf. With a range of more than 4000 (!) Different online casino login games, boredom will not strike you quickly. To give you an idea of ​​how incredibly ridiculous many games Slotwolf has in its offer, here is a small calculation example:

    Imagine that you choose to play three different games every day at Slotwolf. For a whole year you do this every day, no exception or day you miss, birthdays, Christmas, King's Day, every day you play three different games. Might sound a bit exhausting doesn't it? But congratulations, you did it for a year! Now you are only a quarter of the offer of Slotwolf. So you can continue your new hobby for another three years before you have gone through the entire range!

  • Live casino login - Today, live casino logins are more and more common among online casino logins and more and more casino logins offer this option. At Slotwolf, however, they go a step further than some other online casino logins. Of course there is an extensive range of, for example, blackjack, roulette and other casino login games, but Slotwolf ensures that several tables are available per game type..

    So you can easily move to another table if the dealer you are playing with is not good for your luck. With usually at least four other tables from which you can choose in the live games, you can always find a good table for you at Slotwolf.

  • Wolfpack Bonus - Slotwolf has set up a very interesting VIP program for its regular customers and it is completely in the theme of the wolf; the wolfpack. When you become part of the pack you can achieve different levels within the pack. You start as a “prospect” with whom you can get extra spins. When you upgrade to wolf you even receive cashback from Slotwolf in addition to the free spins. At the top is of course the alpha and as an alpha wolf you get the most ultimate experience with even more cashback than the level of wolf and you even get holidays and tickets to Slotwolf events, just like a real high roller in Las Vegas!

  • Fast Payout - Of course, the speed of the final payout depends almost entirely on the payment method you have selected. However, on the Slotwolf side, the payout always finds out within one hour and often even faster. When you combine this with an ewallet as a payment method, you can see your profit in your account within a few minutes.

    Even in the most “slow” payout cases, with an ewallet, you won't have to wait longer than an hour before you can spend the winnings on something fun. Keep in mind that other payment methods such as your credit card or a bank transfer can sometimes take three to five working days. Our tip is to have at least one ewallet in your possession so that you can get started with your profit faster..


  • Outdated corporate identity - We may seem a bit picky about this downside here, but corporate identity is becoming an increasingly important issue at online casino logins. Due to the huge range of different online casino logins, small improvements and benefits already make a huge difference. Many online casino logins have a similar range of games to the developers who sell to multiple parties. The somewhat cheap “look” of Slotwolf may be reminiscent of a website from the beginning of the millennium. Fortunately, the website is well scalable to mobile browsers, but Slotwolf's overall corporate identity can certainly reap some profit. Slotwolf is still expanding its range of games, so who knows, maybe an update of the style will come along in the future.

  • Theme can predominate - This disadvantage is an extension of the first point of the house style, but also stands in itself as a valid disadvantage. Again it is a fairly minor and subjective drawback but this also points to the overall quality of Slotwolf. We are huge fans of the wolf ourselves and it is one of our favorite animals, especially since man's best friend, the dog, comes from the same family. Despite all the love for the wolf, it was sometimes even tiring for us to see the wolf again and again in different places on the website. Even in the VIP you cannot escape it and the alpha is already waiting for you. As beautiful and fun as wolves are, sometimes it is nice to see something different.

  • Limited Customer Service - The chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week is certainly a step in the right direction, yet Slotwolf's customer service can be somewhat limited. Especially when you look at the other online casino login with which Slotwolf competes, a lot of profit can still be made in this area. A chat is always a good starting point for the first quick questions, but experience shows that with more extensive questions or adjustments in the account, a fast mail service or even telephone support gives the best result. Now, of course, a day is not particularly long to wait for an answer, but it can certainly be a bit smoother.

Started at Slotwolf

Now that you have a comprehensive overview of different parts, advantages and disadvantages of Slotwolf, it is time to grab your winnings at your favorite online casino login games. Even if you are not completely convinced yet, we recommend that you take a look because for a large number of games Slotwolf also offers a demo variant. If you are looking for other information such as money management tactics and strategies, take a look at our other guides here. Whatever your next step, always play wisely. We wish you good luck, profit and fun playing!

The Slotwolf casino login FAQ

  1. Where does the name Slotwolf come from?

Although Slotwolf strangely enough does not say anything about the choice of their name and the theme on which the online casino login is built, it is quite obvious where the name comes from. The first part is of course because Slotwolf specializes in online casino login video slots and that is also clearly reflected in the wide range of both games and game providers..

The wolf is a bit more mysterious in terms of choice but can probably be explained by the term money wolf and of course films such as “the wolf of wallstreet”. Wolves are associated with money because they can be reckless in nature in getting and protecting food. Once a wolf has focused on something, it will not stop until the goal has been achieved. You can also use the same approach when you go for the win at Slotwolf.

  1. What makes Slotwolf so special?

The theme of Slotwolf is certainly one of the things that distinguishes Slotwolf from the other online casino logins. Special bonus programs and a wide range of special wolf easter eggs can be found on the site. Where Slotwolf excels even more is where it owes its name to the huge range of video slots. Slotwolf has one of, if not the largest, range of online slots that you can find at online casino logins.

From the beginning Slotwolf already had a huge selection of video slots available but with the help of the players and their suggestions the selection has grown even further in the past year. For the time being this trend seems to continue and you will always find something under the tab “new games” at Slotwolf. If you still miss your favorite online casino login game, do not hesitate to contact Slotwolf and who knows, you might see the game added to the offer soon!

  1. Slotwolf is a reliable online casino login?

As an online casino login, your image is of course essential to distinguish yourself from the competition and it is no wonder that Slotwolf is in order. You can be reassured about several aspects of safety and reliability. For example, all connections are made via a security certificate of 128-bit SSL encryption. In this way, all your information, including payment details, is transported securely over the internet. This way you can assume that both money and information are safe at Slotwolf.

Furthermore, the license from the Malta Gaming Authority is also a good sign that Slotwolf conducts its business fairly. Regular checks by the Malta Gaming Authority ensure that all games are fair. In addition, the transactions that are carried out are also monitored, both deposits and payments run smoothly at Slotwolf.