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Safe Online casino logins

It is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees in the world of online gambling when it comes to different casino login providers. This has both advantages and disadvantages for you as a player. In principle, a wide range of enterprising parties always encourages good, healthy market forces, where competition is fierce and casino logins therefore always have to innovate. This is reflected in slick websites, bonuses, loyalty programs and so on. 

Unfortunately, there is also a downside, namely that it is virtually impossible to be sure at all times that you are going to play at an online casino login that is good. As a player, you have a great deal of responsibility to do your research in advance when choosing a good casino login. After all, you want your money to be in good hands while playing. In this article, we will help you on your way to finding a safe online casino login!

Safe Online casino logins
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Building a good reputation takes years, while getting a bad one can be done in a day. This is the advantage you have as a player today when researching online casino logins: the abundance of information on the internet. Of course, not everything can be assumed to be true. Take reviews, for example, which can be completely fake or sponsored. However, a positive or negative reputation will ultimately always be rightly described by the experiences of players. Broadly speaking, the picture sketched by the masses online actually corresponds to how players think about a particular casino login. For example, online casino logins with a high reputation will usually have been around for a long time. Every year prizes are awarded to the best online casino logins at, for example, the International Gaming Awards (IGA). 


An online casino login enters the online gambling market and needs a license to offer games that allow you to win (or lose) money. Such a permit means a lot: namely that they registered are at and checked are by the licensing authority in the country of registration. Many online casino login companies are registered in countries like Malta and Gibraltar. The legislation for casino logins there is more favorable than in other European countries, but that does not mean that the supervision is less. Precisely because so many casino logins are registered in these types of countries, regulators know exactly what to watch out for and the standard to obtain a license is high. Often at the bottom of the homepage there is an explanation about the registration and security of the online casino login, under which name it is registered where.

A number of well-known bodies are the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and the Remote Gambling Association (RBA). In the Netherlands, this is, for example, the Gaming Authority, or KSA for short. The KSA's goals include protecting players while gambling, combating criminal activities within the industry and preventing any gambling addictions.. 

Relatively speaking, the Netherlands has fairly strict requirements regarding the granting of licenses for regular casino logins. Online this is slightly different: here casino login providers establish their company in a country such as Malta or Costa Rica. Licenses are generally easier to obtain here. This does not mean that the licenses are not good, because it is simply more logical for an online casino login to establish itself in the above countries from a business technical point of view. For example, the well-known name Unibet is also registered in Malta. 

Another good way to check whether an online casino login is legitimate is to look at the reviews posted on sites like Safe casino login. This site examines carefully and very professionally whether an online casino login meets the standard in all respects.

Technical security and connection

It is the number one rule that applies not only to online casino logins, but actually to all digital channels where money or private data come in, no one will ever ask you for your password. Of course, entering your password to log in is a different story, but it will never happen that you have to pass on information via chat or telephone that you normally only keep to yourself. That data is locked at online casino logins via software. Which software that is differs per casino login, but three are very well-known names Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic. If you have a very safe online casino login, 128-bit encryption software is used, which basically means that your data is encrypted by algorithms that are so strong that the military uses it themselves. There are also companies that protect networks against viruses, hacks and other digital attacks. We take you through the most used companies. If any of these companies (or all of them) are used at an online casino login, you can sit back and let your money roll with confidence.


Online Casino SecuritySince this year, the company is no longer called McAfee, but Intel Security. Some websites may still state that the casino login is secured by McAfee, but don't worry about the security being outdated. In this case it is probably just the result of not updating the logo.

The company, founded in the 1990s by the controversial John McAfee, has made a name for itself worldwide by developing rock-solid firewalls, information security systems and virus scanners. Years of knowledge of the market have made McAfee security software known as one of the most reliable in the world.


Online Casino SecurityNorton Security is a program developed by Symantec Corporation. This program is mainly used by online casino logins when it comes to exchanging data and registering accounts. A well-known product that has emerged from Norton Security is Norton Antivirus. What sets Norton apart from other programs is the fact that it is perfectly capable of intercepting spam emails sent to your inbox to extract data. An email is possible malware contain what can cause you to get a virus or that someone gains insight into your data.


Online Casino SecurityThis program actually ensures that all of the above and other software programs used by online casino logins merge seamlessly. Some components of security programs can counteract each other, causing gaps in the security of a casino login. In such cases, TRUSTe ensures that these opposing components are processed into a whole. In addition, TRUSTe has built up a good reputation over the years when it comes to encryption of data, both on servers and in the cloud. The company also issues permits that indicate the degree to which an online casino login is safe.

Return to Player (RTP)

This understanding is an important part of understanding online casino login games and how they pay out. The RTP is always expressed as a percentage and indicates how much money the online casino login pays back to its players on average over a longer period. The higher the RTP, the more prize money will be paid back to winning players in the long run. Conversely, this allows you to gain insight into the advantage that the casino login (also called the House) has towards you as a player. This is also called it house advantage as the casino login will always have a small advantage over its player in order to remain profitable in the long term. 

It is often the case that online casino logins per game that they offer it RTP percentage mention. This makes it clear what they will have in the long term, but also what your average chance of winning is. Especially when an online casino login chooses not to mention these percentages anywhere, you can assume that they have something to hide from you..

Using a Random Number Generator (RNG)

An RNG is a written piece of programming language that mimics the randomness of actions in real life. This is done by means of a number of math rules that work together in such a way that you get an unpredictable outcome every time. A die as it is normally thrown in the casino login or a deck of cards that is physically shuffled by the dealer, it is these kinds of actions that the RNG takes over online. As you can understand, that is quite important for fair gaming at an online casino login. 

You can imagine the example of a die as an action with six possible outcomes, so the "bandwidth" for the piece of code in the RNG will be six. Each time a turn is played an unpredictable number between 1 and 6 will be displayed. This is one of the examples by which a guarantee can be given to the players that they are playing online gambling games that have not been tampered with.

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Every casino login game you will ever encounter online has been written by a software developer. There are a number of big household names in the industry today who are responsible for delivering the bulk of the casino login games. Online casino logins naturally prefer to work only with reliable and well-reputed software developers, so that as a casino login they will receive their licenses without any problems.. 

Well-known companies / teams that are currently leading the way in the field of well-regarded gaming software are, for example, Playtech, NetEnt, RTG and Microgaming. NetEnt and Microgaming have by far the best reputation in this regard. Although they all comply with the rules within the industry, there are differences in quality between all these parties, as can be expected in an open market. So it never hurts to test for yourself what works and feels best for you. 

Third party control

The software developers, as discussed above, all work according to the guidelines of parent parties who check for quality. You call this so-called third party parties, who are independent and ensure that software developers adhere to all the rules to deliver honest software. Some examples of well-known third party agencies are eCOGRA, Gaming Associates Pty and Technical Systems Testing Labs (TST Labs). Among other things, these bodies are intensively tested for the fairness and complete randomness of the games. This usually happens several times a year to keep a license up to date. The quality mark that a software developer receives will always appear on the site of the online casino login where it is used. When seeing the quality marks, you can therefore assume a fair gaming environment.

Other points for attention

In the article we have now discussed many of the important things that you can pay attention to when choosing an online casino login. There are a number of points that should not be ignored but that need a little less explanation, today we have put them in a short list for you:

  • Using known payment methods: if you have the option to pay via a secure connection with your bank via iDeal or with a credit card party such as Mastercard, you can count on a good site.

  • The welcome bonus offer: any online casino login will offer bonuses when opening a new account, this is completely normal. Be aware of unreasonably large bonuses, because here too when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

  • Great customer service: not every online casino login will have a telephone helpdesk, but being able to consult a live chat that gives a quick answer is certainly a must.

Requirements: also called the fine print. Furthermore, this point speaks for itself, although it often concerns long documents, it does not hurt to go through the main points.

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Has the Online casino login....

Each country should have information on the site about their registration, who is granting their license and which country it falls under. In addition, the casino login must also provide the address details of the company they have registered with.

A good online casino login is recommended, a bad casino login is discouraged. It's always like this on the internet and forums, so try to gather information there. Otherwise, check out sites like Safe casino login for expert reviews and professional advice.

A good online casino login always has terms & conditions page where they indicate which software is used. Do you not recognize the software? Then try to find information about it. Are they using Playtech, Microgaming or Evolution Gaming? Then you are probably in the right place.

Almost all online casino logins offer a wide range of options for depositing or withdrawing money to make it as easy as possible for their customers. In addition, there must be a third party, a financial service provider that provides independent payment transactions.

If an online casino login has good security, they are proud of it. They will certainly recommend that on their site. An online casino login that defaults or is out to rip you out won't be too keen on such listings. So a lot of information is often a good sign!